For awhile, Tucker Carlson’s cable news show was really the only show left on cable news with any redeeming content. He was against all the anti-Russia hysteria and defended free speech on the Internet. On any given night, I could say that I generally agreed with 85 to 90 percent if not more of what he was presenting.

I noticed that his show started to go off the rails when he flatly refused to expose the obvious election fraud of 2020. It went further off the rails when he endorsed homosexual marriage. He also slowly began pushing all sorts of anti-China narratives. It’s been years since I’ve watched his material with any regular frequency.

Many of us including myself were wondering why his show was allowed to stay on Fox News when he was saying a number of inconvenient things about the ZOG establishment. It is now clear that his entire show was purposefully built to gain the trust of Republicans, populists and conservative types so that he could later con them into supporting a big war against China.

(Comment:  Russia would join China so it would be the United States against CHINA. RUSSIA & About 15 BRICs Countries.  We Would be SLAUGHTERED which is the goal.)

Wanglin is one of the few people on Twitter talking about this development.



Tucker has gone all-in on the spy balloon nonsense and is claiming that Joe Biden is controlled by China because of his son’s laptop. He is saying this despite the fact that the Biden regime has adopted a very aggressive and provocative foreign policy against the Chinese.


As Wanglin pointed out, he’s essentially reverting back to the neocon libertarian character that he was earlier in his career.

Comment:  It’s totally criminal that Tucker Carlson was calling for Iran to be annihilated which shows me how totally SOLD OUT this man really is!  What a piece of shit!

So yeah, Tucker is selling out his audience that grew to trust him by using talking points and material from people like myself, Wanglin, Nick Fuentes and other blacklisted Internet people.

It’s really disgusting to see, but that’s why he was allowed to stay on television with a primetime cable news show and why people like myself, Wanglin and Nick Fuentes do not have access to such a platform. He’s sold his soul and he should be deeply ashamed for shilling this lunatic neocon war against the Chinese.