Serbian/Bosnian Transgender Athlete Petkovic Disrespects German Patriotic Song

 By Mike King 
February, 2017All of Judea and its offshoot of Libtardia were shocked at the mistake which was made at a 2017 tennis tournament. Slime Magazine explained: Headline: Nazi-Era Anthem Sung at U.S. Fed Cup Stuns German Tennis Player“The U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) apologized on Saturday after Nazi-era version of Germany’s national anthem was accidentally sung at a replay match at the 2017 Fed Cup in Hawaii.The version that was sung included the first stanza “Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles, uber alles in der Welt,” which translates to “Germany, Germany, above all, above all in the world.”That phrase is commonly associated with Nazi propaganda. Andrea Petkovic (German player) said that she had considered walking off court after hearing the song. “I thought it was the epitome of ignorance, and I’ve never felt more disrespected in my whole life, let alone in Fed Cup,’ she said.” Ms. Petkovic is not even an ethnic German (Serbian / Bosnian parents) — and it is doubtful that the muscular and nearly 6-foot tall virtue-signalling beast is even female. Have a look.  The white Serena Williams — with killer “6-pack” abdominal muscles.
   The “German” “female” felt offended and “disrespected” by the original lyric, “Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles, uber alles in der Welt.” For the sake of logical argument, let us put aside the factual error as to who the real culprits behind World War II actually were — and just focus on this nonsense regarding “Deutschland uber alles” – (Germany above all things). First of all, the big bad “Nazis” never “proclaimed Deutschland uber alles.” That well-recognized term — often mistranslated to “Germany above all others” and erroneously believed to be the title of the song in question — is actually only the opening line of the “Deutschlandlied” (Song of Germany). The song, which later became Germany’s National Anthem, was penned in 1841 by August Heinrich Hoffmann – nearly a half-century before Hitler was even born, and three decades before the German state (Reich) was consolidated. Far from preaching “supremacy,” the “Deutschlandlied” only represented the hopes for the eventual unification of the 30 or so German states, nothing more!   The big bad baby Hitler hadn’t even born yet when the lyric “Deutschland uber alles” was coined. In fact, Hitler’s mom, Klara, hadn’t been born either! Additionally, the phrase “Deutschland uber alles” – (Germany above all things), is always, and I mean always, presented out-of-context, as if to suggest that the Germans were boasting of their superiority to all other peoples. The following line of the song clarifies and confirms that the anthem, far from being a song about conquest, was actually about the unified defense of the small German states which, historically, have been relentlessly attacked by Romans, Huns, Mongols and, most relevant to the song, the French.  Here is the full translation of the harmless and beautiful song of national defense and brotherhood:1. Germany, Germany above all * (Deutschland uber alles)
Above everything in the world *   (in terms of love for Germany)
When, always, for protection and defense
Brothers stand together.
From the Maas to the Memel
From the Etsch to the Belt,
Germany, Germany above all
Above all in the world.2. German women, German fidelity,
German wine and German song,
Shall retain, throughout the world,
Their old respected fame,
To inspire us to noble deeds
For the length of our lives.
German women, German fidelity,
German wine and German song.3. Unity and right and freedom
For the German Fatherland;
Let us all strive to this goal
Brotherly, with heart and hand.
Unity and rights and freedom
Are the pledge of fortune grand.
Prosper in this fortune’s glory,
Prosper German fatherland. These lyrics transcend ideology and political systems. Indeed, it was the ultra-liberal, western puppet, Jewish-owned Wiemar Republic, not “the Nazis,” who declared the Deutschlandlied the National Anthem in 1922! But that won’t stop the Marxist-Jewish propagandists from continuing to dupe fools like Ms. Mr. Petkovic with never-ending disinformation about “the Nazis” and the phrase “Deutschland uber alles.”And now you know the rest of the story, the real story, about a single, out-of-context lyric “Deutschland uber alles.” Boy-oh-boy was Solzhenitsyn ever right when he warned:“Hastiness and superficiality are the psychic diseases of the 20th century, and more than anywhere else this disease is reflected in the press.”Ain’t that the truth!
 “Danke for clearing that up for your readers, Herr King and Fraulein Sugar.”“Our pleasure, Chief!”
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