Crowd Funding Journalism!Once again as expected Bilderberg 2019 has been challenging to cover this year. While at the airport Dan Dicks, Max Bachman, Josh Freidman and myself were detained after confronting several attendees. We were then told that if we didn’t leave we would be taken to the station, so we set up shop in the parking lot…until once again we were forced to leave by authorities.

Even with these obstacles, I was able to track down Notorious Technocrat Eric Schmidt! While asking him about his association with Hillary Clinton he turned to me and said: “Do you actually believe this shit?” as he approached his luxury vehicle and dipped inside. I understand this is but a small glimpse into what lurks behind the walls of Bilderberg, but it does shine some light on the issue at hand. Unelected giants of technology, banking, defense, and media are cavorting with government representatives to set policy.The truth is the only reason this gets covered at all is because of all of you out there. Without your support this year it would have been extremely difficult if not impossible to cover this extremely important meeting, so thank you! By successfully keeping the location secret with less than 72 hours to go before the event, and holding it in Sweden where a one dollar cheeseburger costs seven, this was no easy nor inexpensive task! However, with your fantastic support, we will continue to bring you on the ground coverage at the events that matter!

After all when was the last time you saw someone in the alternative media go after high hanging fruit like Peter Theil instead on focusing on “triggering” a leftist in order to get clicks? That does nothing more than help the global elite divide us and does nothing to join people together against the common cause of oppressive billionaires colluding with one another against the interests of the general populace. We are frankly sick of this and we hope our audience is to, so as long as you continue to vote with your dollars we will continue to travel globally to bring you the truth!
ALSO IN THE NEWSEric Schmidt Confronted On Google Bias and Fake News!!! 👀 Bilderberg 2019


Will Assange Survive Prison? Or Is This Truly The End For Him?Keep WeAreChange Alive!In closing, I would like to thank you for your continued support, without you We Are Change would not be possible in the slightest so please consider donating to free and independent journalism. It is only through crowdsourcing from you, the people, that we are going to be able to continue to bring you the kind of in your face stories the media ignores.Copyright © 2019 WeAreChange, All rights reserved. 
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