Iran Has Had No Wars For Almost 300 Years; USA War After War After War For 200 Years Straight!

They invited an anarchist on the news …06/02/2019
The great comedian Bill Hicks likened watching television to “taking black spray paint to your third eye.”

Although one seldom hears truth on TV (it’s called programming for a reason), sometimes if you dig deep or step outside the borders of your tax farm, you might find some glimpse of reality.

I was recently interviewed on Iran’s Press TV about “foreign affairs” and rising geopolitical pressure between the US and the Middle East.

I’m generally cautious when invited onto these programs because of the mainstream media’s notorious reputation for lying, smearing, and removing context.

Still, I’ve also come to learn that, in many cases, the media in other countries is nothing like the cesspool of scandal that is American “journalism.”

According to international reports, Iran’s human rights record is exceptionally poor. The regime has allegedly persecuted and arrested critics of the government and its “Supreme Leader”. If this sounds familiar, that’s because the USSA is arguably not much different!

Speaking truth for too long on CNN or Fox News? Expect to have the live feed conveniently cut off mid-sentence. Trump himself has even suggested thatprotesting should be illegal, and in many ways, it already is!

Now, his administration keeps raising tensions with Iran, risking conflict. Bypassing Congress, the White House recently sent more terrorists and weapons to the Middle East to counter Iran.

Of course, back in his private citizen days, Trump argued against this. Rather than listening to warmongers like John Bolton, President Cheeto should read his old tweets.

Instead, he’s now openly threatening war with Iran. 

“There’s really no point talking with the US government,” I told PressTV, “it is a criminal organization, they will do their terrorist attacks. What we really need to do is try to wake the world up to just how evil the US government is and how it continues to do these attacks across the world…”

When they let someone finish a statement like that without being interrupted, you know you’re at least getting news with way more journalistic integrity than traditional media.

To be fair, I’m sure it was music to the interviewer’s ears—to hear a “Westerner” denounce the violent, tyrannical US Military Industrial Complex.

“Okay, you know, Jeff,” begins the show’s host for his third question, “Trump suddenly decided to withdraw himself from [the nuclear deal]. Why do you think that is?”

“They’re just trying to make people think that Iran is dangerous,” I explained:

“to get people scared and supporting them if they do want to attack Iran. But I think there’s really no reason to enter into any negotiations with the US government because essentially you are negotiating with terrorists and criminals.”

Watch The Short Segment Here:

Statists have a mantra that goes something like this: “We need a standing army because no ragtag militia coordinating through social media could ever be a serious force.”

The same brainwashed fearmongers will also turn around and cry that “ISIS is a threat to our very existence!”

Confuse, Divide, and Conquer. It’s basically the deep state’s Mission Statement to destroy humanity.

John Lennon famously proclaimed we could finally have peace in the world “if everyone demanded peace, instead of another television set.”

Imagine that.

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