CIA Running Child Prostitution/Slavery Rings For Elite

Whistleblowers EXPOSE Elite Pedophile Rings

December 23, 2018 12

Editors Note: Many sites are coming out with breaking news about pedophiles in powerful places. Many videos have already been removed.

This from

“CIA Agent Blows The Whistle ‘We Supply Elite Pedophiles With Children’. A decorated 14-year veteran CIA agent has blown the whistle and made a public statement to expose the Central Intelligence Agency for operating a child trafficking ring that procures children for global elite pedophiles.

“Former spy John Kiriakou, who also has deep ties to Hollywood from working as an adviser to the movie business, has revealed how the agency provides child sex slaves to powerful oligarchs in the entertainment industry, Washington D.C. and beyond… In return for information, the CIA provides these elite sources with a steady stream of ‘child prostitutes’ who are usually raped and killed, and most likely never seen again.”

This from Ben Swann about Dr Phil’s exposé.

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