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Headlines and Updates for May 15, 2019: Same Old Same Old [videos]

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SerialBrain continues the puzzle…

Post # 165 – The Secret Reason Why Nadler Wants Barr to Break the Law.

I believe Dave nails what is unfolding in his X22 Reports from yesterday.

They are now turning on each other, as predicted. They always do.

Blame game pits John Brennan against James Comey over support for Steele dossier

The horrors of Monsanto continue to unfold… in generation after generation of deformed and mentally affected babies in Vietnam where Agent Orange was used as a defoliant during the war.

In America, if the demonrats had their way we wouldn’t be burdened with babies like this. They would be executed in the womb pre-birth or even hours afterward, but in Vietnam all life is revered and they go to great pains to care for these children undergoing untold suffering, in some cases.

If this is the result of the chemicals produced by Monsanto/Bayer/Bauer decades ago, one would think they would learn something, and they have; how to destroy a planet and her people while lying through their teeth.

They told us it was safe, that it broke down and “went away” and wasn’t a lingering problem in the environment. The truth is, glyphosate does NOT break down; it gets into the ground, plants, insects, birds, animals, our pets, the groundwater, the food supply, and our bodies and accumulates.

And we wonder why so many people are sick and can’t get well. All the billions funneled into cancer research and the medical industrial complex just comes up with new ways to butcher and poison us.

Monsanto told farmers “Roundup-ready seed” would improve their crop yield. As usual with claims by monster chemical companies and the EPA, it had the opposite effect and hundreds of farmers committed suicide because they could no longer provide for their families. Glyphosate and Monsanto seed destroyed their livelihood, and ripped apart entire families.

They claim there’s no alternative to this evil product—probably because there was no incentive to find one. Many countries have now banned Roundup and Monsanto, but it’s heavily advertised and sold in large quantities in America.

They’re still at it; lying through their teeth, that is. Just watch the Senior VP of Bayer U.S. who recently acquired Monsanto, in breathtaking, bald-faced lies about what they’ve known for a long time.

It’s not only about greed; it’s about eugenics and the culling of the herd… we, the sheeple. Unfortunately for them, we’re sheep no more.

Real investigative journalists know the truth, yet the media doesn’t discuss it in America and only a few million dollars found its way to Vietnam to in no way compensate these poor people for the tragedies they suffer still from the tactics of war.

The secret tactics Monsanto used to protect Roundup, its star product | Four Corners

NaturalNews <>Tue 5/14/2019 2:17 PM

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 Bombshell jury award against Monsanto may bankrupt BayerA third court case has found Monsanto to be complicit in causing cancer with its toxic glyphosate / Roundup products, and the jury award is one of the largest ever recorded in human history.With Bayer now facing over 13,000 lawsuits, this could spell the end of this evil corporation that took part in the chemical murder of Jews during the Holocaust.More breaking news: Monsanto to be placed under criminal investigation by European authorities for running “black ops” campaigns, bribing journalists, defaming clean food advocates, pressuring regulators, etc.See the shocking full story here.

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