These Are Acts of War: Iran & China Get the Japan Treatment Prior to WW2

New Oil Sanctions on Iran to Directly Impact China

By infostormer -April 23, 20193

The new oil sanctions on Iran that were announced by the Zionist lunatic Mike Pompeo yesterday are going to directly impact China.


The United States on Monday demanded that buyers of Iranian oil stop purchases by May 1 or face sanctions, a move to choke off Tehran’s oil revenues which sent crude prices to six-month highs on fears of a potential supply crunch.

The Trump administration on Monday said it will not renew exemptions granted last year to buyers of Iranian oil, a more stringent than expected decision that caught several key importers who have been pleading with Washington to continue buying Iranian oil sanctions-free.

The United States reimposed sanctions in November on exports of Iranian oil after U.S. President Donald Trump last spring unilaterally pulled out of a 2015 accord between Iran and six world powers to curb Tehran’s nuclear program. Eight economies, including China and India, were granted waivers for six months, and several had expected those exemptions to be renewed.

The insanity of this neocon Make Israel Great Again agenda can’t be understated. They’re actually saying that they will place sanctions on China, India and any other countries if they do not stop buying Iranian oil by May 1st.

So not only is this foreign policy aggressive towards Iran, but it is being unnecessarily aggressive towards China which is a serious military power. There’s no purpose to these agitations especially considering that there have been serious trade negotiations underway with them. This threatens to disrupt that.

Trump has willfully turned over his entire foreign policy to his subversive Zionist son-in-law and neocon Zionist madmen like Mike Pompeo. These crazy people are doing everything in their power to drive us closer and closer to another world war.

And for what? To benefit Israel and to trigger a biblical apocalypse that causes the rapture so space Jesus in a flying saucer appears? It sounds insane, but that appears to be the ultimate goal.


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