World Government Summit Plotting Your Future

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An annual World Government Summit, which regrettably many Americans have heard nothing about, dedicates itself to “shaping the future of governments worldwide.” This February’s summit in Dubai featured promotions of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, known as Agenda 2030, more “life threatening” climate change/global warming ideals, and plans to “save humanity.” In other words, control every aspect of our lives and destroy Western Judeo-Christian civilization worldwide.
 Analysis Behind the NewsNew Gov’t Report Protects Globalist Trade
The office of the US Trade Representative released its 2019 Trade Policy Agenda that details how it is using globalist trade agreements “to rebalance … the global economy.”
Yet, this doesn’t match President Trump’s Americanism over globalism approach to foreign policy. We take a look into how Americans will need to choose Globalism or Americanism in this episode of Analysis Behind the News.
ACTION ITEMS:Watch“USMCA: What They Are Not Telling You.”Call on Congress and President Trump to stop the USMCA & get us out of NAFTA and follow up with an email:President Trump: 202-456-1111Representative: 202-225-3121Senators: 202-224-3121 Con-Con Rescission ProgressProtecting the U.S. Constitution
North Carolina rescission resolution, HJR 160, filed last Monday, has 23 bipartisan sponsors. Continue the pressure to push this rescission through!
In South Dakota, the biggest win was seeing HJR 1004 pass the SD Legislature. This resolution rescinded 4 old applications for a Con-Con. It passed 33-0 in the Senate and 62-2 in the House.
And urgent action needed to stop Convention of States (COS) in Utah! Tell your state legislators to stop a Con-Con! Find your local politicians hereand send them an email. Straight TalkAre SPLC Allegations Against Trump Supporters True? 
The Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC, has recently put out their latest Intelligence Report, claiming that “Trump has opened the White House doors to extremism.”
Are these claims true? Find out in this week’s Straight Talk.
TAKE ACTION:Answer this week’sStraight Talk Question.Read The New American‘s article SPLC Invents Crisis, Claims Trump Rise Fueled by Racism.Learn more with the JBS booklet,Reality vs. Myth. New USMCA Tools AvailableUnited States-Canada-Agreement
By quoting key chapters of the 2300-plus page agreement, our new tools reveal how the USMCA threatens your liberties and national sovereignty.
Distribute our new DVD and slim jim with local community members to stop the deal:USMCA Presentation DVDUSMCA Slim JimLEARN MORE:By reading the recent USMCA article on USMCA Coalition for North American Integration.And exploring our Get US Out! & Stop the USMCA Action Project Page. National EventsFreedom’s Voices, our Speakers Bureau
March 12: Staples, MNAgenda 2030: Different Name, Same Threat
March 13Crystal, MNAgenda 2030: Different Name, Same Threat
March 14Sartell, MNAgenda 2030: Different Name, Same Threat
March 20Vancouver, WARein in Big Government with Article VI, Not V

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March 4: Glen Rock, NJThe Constitution is the Solution Workshop
March 5: Fremont, OHThe Constitution is the Solution Workshop
March 5: Sussex, NJShadow Ring: Part I
March 12: Flemington, NJPresident Trump and the New World Disorder
March 13: Keyport, NJUSMCA: What They Are Not Telling You
March 14: Summit, NJThe Constitution is the Solution Workshop
March 16: Groton, CTJohn Birch Society Take Action Meeting
March 19: Totowa, NJUSMCA: What They Are Not Telling You
March 20: Mineola, NYJohn Birch Society Video Presentation
March 20: Southington, CTWe Are Rebuilding The Republic

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