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Mercury Retrograde In Pisces: Reorienting Our Connection To The Divine
Mercury begins its latest retrograde process on March 5th, which will last until March 28th. In the weeks (and especially days) leading up to it we start to notice its influence as Mercury slows down and comes to a stop before moving the other way. This is known as the ‘pre-shadow’ period which began on February 19th.
Do Racists Deserve Our Hatred And Condemnation?
What is the best way to respond to racist words and actions, if indeed we want to grow as a collective beyond this kind of social divide?
University Professor Condemns The United States Military For Geo-Engineering & Owning The Weather
Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, who is the University of Ottawa’s Emeritus Professor of Economics and has worked directly with governments on various geopolitical issues has spoken out against weather modification and the long history of its use.
Latest Podcast
#35 – The New Age Deception
Joe discusses the idea of ‘The New Age Deception’. He goes through 10 alleged thought fallacies that come from ‘the new age movement’ as pointed out by many who observe it, including Mark Passio. Is there truth to these fallacies? Is there more to the story? This one goes into a deep discussion on how we can address many of the issues we face as society.
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