The USMCA Plot For a North American Union New World Order…Activism…What You Can Do!

The USMCA Plot for a USMCA prompts North America to remain most competitive region in world, says Mexican ambassador to U.S.A.

New World Order

Published on Oct 1, 2018

New World Order


Published on Dec 10, 2018

From Vicente Fox to Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexican Presidents openly boasts about economic and regional integration, meanwhile U.S. elected officials and the mainstream media remain silent as they simultaneously push “free trade” schemes. Why the subterfuge? Action Items: 1. Call on Congress & President Trump to stop the USMCA & get us out of NAFTA: President Trump: 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 Representative: 202-225-3121 Senators: 202-224-3121 2. Follow-up with an email:… 3. Distribute our USMCA Special Report reprint:… 4. Contact your local coordinator for opportunities to get involved: 5. Subscribe to our news alerts: 6. Apply for membership in The John Birch Society: #USMCA #NWO #NAU

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