Rothschild Zionist Israel Wants NO PEACE Deal-Only a Greater Israel [Pictured]

How They Do It– ‘Trump’s deal of the century is destined to fail’by TUT Editor

ed note–of the various reasons which our unesteemed Hebraic author lists in underscoring why Trump’s peace deal is doomed, the one he assiduously avoids listing is the fact that his cousins spread throughout the American ‘Deep State’, including but not limited to the Jewish controlled mainstream media, the US Congress, the CIA/FBI/NSA/DHS and Justice Department, as well as all the rest of those Jermites of lesser stature who have been tasked with the mission of chewing away at the load-bearing support columns of the Trump Administration will not be deterred in their drive to make sure that no ‘peace deal’ takes place as it would bring an end to the Judaic territorial expansionism as clearly mandated take place within Judaism and within the various decrees of its infernal book, the Torah. Read more of this post

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