US Military Raid in Germany Reveals Trump Won 410 Electoral Votes!! A Landslide Win!

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US Military Raid In Germany Revealed Trump Won 410 Electoral Votes!!

(Early report is unconfirmed)

Gohmert saying that now that they’ve analyzed the computer data confiscated and there are 410 electoral votes for Trump – a landside victory!

According to information from the seized server in Frankfurt the true numbers shows 410 electoral votes goes to Trump.

Extra comments from bloggers:
Several people contributed in this thread with material to at least make this plausible. A congressman confirming it, a news channel reporting it, tweets etcetera. We have seen no one putting up material to the contrary.

It would be the greatest news in a long time if true regarding the implications of deep level treason and A LOT of people going to jail. (CIA IS the Deep State)

According to this the servers seized were being operated by CIA.

Comment: BINGO!

If true this is huge, our govt had to do a surprise raid on its own Agency to collect the evidence.

No wonder the delay in building the case.

[link to (secure)]

If this were indeed true, the people of the United States would have already taken to the streets in their State capitols. The election was obviously stolen, but TDS is very real and there really are close to 70 Million people stupid enough to vote for Biden.

We all know the election was a fraud. Between postal workers destroying ballots, election workers fudging ballots, and Dominion servers hacking ballots… The only real question left is, will the Supreme Court have the balls to stand up for what is right, or do they have more than just Roberts under their thumb with Epstein style leverage?

Map of state zones that voted for Trump.


Trump Lawyer Connects CIA to Dominion Voter Fraud … Powell went on an evidence-free tangent on Fox News which included her claiming that the CIA is involved in the supposed election fraud that caused President Donald Trump to lose the 2020 …

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