AIPAC Conference Proves America is Controlled by Jews and Israel

The past two years the Jewish media sold everyone a retarded hoax about Russians interfering with American democracy. This was nothing but projection by Jews. The real foreign power interfering in the American political system is Rothschild Zionist Israel. You’d have to be a retard not to see it.

It’s all available to see in plain view, especially when one looks at AIPAC the pro-Israel lobbying group. Every year, AIPAC holds a conference where American politicians do speeches and brag about how they suck up more to Israel than their political counterparts. We see this across both political parties. It’s a fucking joke.

Vice President Mike Pence was there vowing to continue the Trump administration’s “Make Israel Great Again” agenda.

Mike Pompeo the Secretary of State was there bragging about all the great things he has done for Israel.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was there vowing to fight anti-Semitism.

Nancy Pelosi was there blabbering about how Ilhan Omar is an evil Nazi because she said that AIPAC exists.

There were many other prominent politicians across both parties who either attended or gave major speeches. If this yearly spectacle doesn’t prove how kiked America is, than nothing will. America’s biggest problem are all the Jews that infest it who use the political system to advance the interests of the Jewish tribe and Israel.

My Comment: Satanyahu himself was indicted for corruption & FRAUD. The Israeli people suffer under the Zionist leadership living in poverty. Zionism does not support the Jewish people because it was Zionists railroading Jewish and Christian Polish into the concentration camps.

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