Why Trump is Anti-Iran; He is an Israel Firster-ZIONIST


KATHEON – While some journalists are looking for the causes of the fire of Notre-Dame-de-Paris, while others worry about the fate of Julian Assange issued by the Ecuadorian embassy, another reason for a big war has appeared in the Middle East. From October of this year, Iran will lease a port in Latakia from Syria and build a base for the Navy there. The decision was made during the February meeting of Bashar Assad with Hassan Rouhani in Tehran.

I must say that Iran is already strong in Syria, it has about a dozen strong points and about 12 thousand military. But if he acquires a base on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, Iran will simply not be stopped. Something like this, these movements are perceived in Israel, where the Islamic Republic is considered the “enemy number one.” CONTINUE READING

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