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“The World Is Run By Pedophiles”

November 2018

Stanley Kubrick claimed that “the world is run by pedophiles”, said Nicole Kidman, while promoting HBO’s Big Little Lies, in Los Angeles in 2017. While filming Eyes Wide Shut, she said in an interview that the reclusive director taught her “how the world works and who is really in control behind the scenes. He studied secret societies his whole life, he was fascinated by them, and he said the elite, the top secret societies, they are full of men with a certain predilection. They are tied together, sort of bonded, by pedophilia. They all know each other’s dark secrets. There is no way out for any of them. It’s a lifetime bond. Even if one of them wanted to go straight, repent, so to speak, he can’t. His peers will bring him down. They are in it until death, driving the world to ruin. That’s kind of how Stanley explained it but it was all very complex. I’m probably not doing it justice.”

Asked if Kubrick’s knowledge of secret societies and their darkest secrets had anything to do with his death, Kidman raised an eyebrow and said “That’s not a question I can answer here. Though maybe I could. None of you in the media would be allowed to print it, would you? The men who own your companies wouldn’t allow it to get out,” Kidman said. “Stanley’s next film was going to be about psychopathic pedophiles. He said he was going deeper down the rabbit hole.”

Nicole kidman’s clinical psychologist father, Dr. Antony Kidman, died in 2014 after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring called the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice cult. A month prior, Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian NSW police and Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman’s sexual and physical assaults on her throughout childhood. When the Commission opened an investigation, Kidman suddenly left his 43 year tenure as clinical psychologist with the Sydney University of Technology and Royal North Shore Hospital to stay in Singapore until he died. Corey Feldman has long said paedophilia is the biggest problem facing Hollywood. On his reality series, The Two Coreys, which he starred in alongside Haim, the pair had a full, frank and sometimes painful discussion about the sexual abuse they both suffered as children.

Over sixty eyewitnesses such as Barnett have testified of Ninth Circle child sacrifice and pedophile activities that spanned the globe, including criminal activities against children in the Americas, Netherlands and UK commonwealth countries such as Australia.

The Ninth Circle was also said to have well organized and secretive human hunting parties that included pedophilia. Privately owned forest groves were believed used in the US, Canada, France and Holland. It appeared children and teens were obtained by the criminal drug syndicate Octopus, which was believed connected to the Vatican. The kidnapped children and teens were said to be stripped naked, raped, hunted down and killed.

You have to wonder – what happened to Nicole Kidman after growing up with a father who was a clinical psychologist under investigation for child sexual and physical assaults?

In 2013, Corey Feldman revealed information about a Hollywood pedophile ring in an appearance on The View. “You’re damaging an entire industry,” Barbara Walters told him. Only, he didn’t. The media all but brushed off Feldman’s claims.

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