Greedy Al Green, Political Prostitute Democrat Strikes Again

Sinclair Lewis, the great American satirist who many once studied in school, wrote a book once called Elmer Gantry.  In it, he portrayed a preacher who couldn’t stay away from booze, women, and, most of all, money, but who piously and hypocritically preached, with great fervor and passion, exactly the opposite to his congregants.  Recently, the Houston Chronicle on January 30th, reported that Representative Al Green was now partnering with billionaire Tom Steyer, to impeach the President. Steyer has invested $90 million dollars in a national effort, called “Need to Impeach” which he claims has 7.1 million supporters.  Yet, for Steyer’s launch in the U.S. Congress, only Representative Al Green showed up. Green, who is deranged about this subject but always appreciates an opportunity to make money, rushed to impeach Trump five months into his presidency, wildly and falsely asserting that the Constitution requires no crime for impeachment. Rather, according to Greedy Al, the President can be impeached for “bigotry.”

Today in a press release put out by Congressman Green’s office on Attending State of the Union Address, Green goes on with his rant against the President, exclaiming,

“I am continuing my two-year protest of an unfit impeachable president by not attending his State of the Union address.”

Those who know their history can spot the great ignorance and danger encompassed in this proposition. Al Green is not acting in the interest of the nation nor his constituents. He is only concerned with lining his pockets with the money of the City of London and Wall Street Bankers who own him. So, it’s no wonder that when I saw the Chronicle article, and Green ‘s recent press release, the image of Elmer Gantry popped into my mind. Clearly, Greedy Al now imagines himself in the “big-time” of monetary sainthood, and he will lie, cheat, and steal to get it.

You’re receiving this email because you know that I called out Al Green’s hypocrisy, derangement, and greed in my 2018 campaign for Congress. It was pathetic then and it is pathetic now. The present coup against the President is destroying our country, our social fabric. It must end, but ending it requires an understanding of why it is happening.  LaRouchePAC has just produced a three part series on this, fully demonstrating that the coup is coming from a foreign source—not Russia, but Britain. Their real aim is to dupe you into supporting a series of proxy wars against Russia and China, wars which will preserve the financial dominance of the City of London and Wall Street, even as the bubble economy which they have created stands on the edge of complete collapse. Such wars, of course, can also end the human race. In press interviews and statements prior to the President’s state of the Union address to take place tonight, Trump has continued to stress his commitment to ending the endless wars, bringing our troops home, ending the drug epidemic, economic growth, and cooperation with Russia and China along with other nations.

I am continuing to lead the fight with LaRouchePAC in a campaign to mobilize those who support ending the coup, and bringing together in cooperation sane thinkers on both side of the isle to address the needed solutions, to fulfilling America’s great economic promise for the world, a campaign to save the nation. LaRouchePAC has also just produced a mission statement, titled “The
Way Forward,” a proposed basis for bipartisan agreement and action on domestic and international economic policy,” reflecting the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche, as to how we can fight our way out of this mess and create a very human and prosperous future.

Yours in the fight, 

Kesha Rogers

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