In this video, we give you a breakdown of the Joe Rogan interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Is Joe Rogan the new establishment mouthpiece?The Ratio Has To Go!Surprise! There was more digital outrage this week on the world wide web, this time however unlike in the past few weeks it seemed to be somewhat justified. You see Jack Dorsey the controversial CEO of Twitter joined Joe Rogan for his podcast…and things did not go well. Rogan who has arguably become the most notable name in all of podcasting over the last several years and launched numerous individuals, including Jordan Peterson, into internet superstardom. He is wildly popular and has basically seen nothing but success on the platform. That all changed with Dorsey.

People took to the dislike button in droves, hammering Rogan for asking softball questions and allowing Dorsey to go virtually unchallenged after making many troubling statements including ones about curating content and facial recognition. Currently, the video stands with over 67,000 dislikes in contrast to only 10,000 likes. So everyone thinks Joe did a bad thing and we can move on right? Not even close.After Silicon Valley darling Dorsey began to be attacked in mass along with Rogan articles began popping up talking about getting rid of the dislike button altogether! Because hey, if you’re not going to like and dislike the content that is corporate and government approved why would we let you voice your opinion? On the other side of the media pond longtime friend Alex Jones, who has recently begun feuding with Rogan, turned up the heat by pointing out Dorsey sponsors Rogan’s podcast through the “Crush” app which is his.

To Joe’s credit, he has admitted that he is indeed sponsored by the app, and has said he has taken the criticism to heart and will try to do a  better job in the future. Dorsey to his credit has offered to come back on the program. In closing any way you slice it we should not be censoring voices by getting rid of the dislike button because the establishment is uncomfortable with how the public reacts to something, that is called mind control and social engineering, something we should all be vehemently opposed to!

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In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on CNN actually reporting the truth! This is such a rare occurrence that I am even shocked and stunned at what CNN just did!In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the situation in Venezuela and why the Trump administration says Maduro must go!
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