Zionists Manipulating to Repeal Law Allowing Presidents to Declare National Emergencies

How Thy Do It–Law that allows president to declare national emergencies needs to be repealed and replacedby TUT editor

ed note–keep in mind that the National Emergencies Act passed in the mid 70’s has been around for almost HALF A CENTURY and only now, when the possibility of its use threatens the agenda of Judea, Inc and of its Deep State tentacles is any discussion taking place about rescinding it. In every previous instance where some puppet president subservient to either of the 2 aforementioned power players utilized the provisions of this law in the service of Jewish interests, it was met with approval and applause, but NOW, when the precedent of its use over a border wall might then be employed again in forcing a peace deal in the Middle East, well, it’s time to get to work re-writing things.

And yes, folks, at least in part, the fight over the border wall is directly related to what Trump, Inc means to bring about in the Middle East with his ‘Ultimate Peace Deal’. Israel has NO DECLARED BORDERS, but does have a huge wall going right through the center of the West Bank, and Trump’s pushing the issue of this border wall between the US and Mexico is in part being done to establish the notion of inviolable separation barriers and BORDERS, which is why he has referenced the West Bank wall many times in defending his own notion for border security. His enemies making up Judea, Inc know that this is where he intends to take all of this which is why they are working so feverishly to prevent him from winning this political victory–for fear of the door which such a victory opens vis a vis reining in Israel. Read more of this post

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