Milking People For Money; Zionists Do It Again, and Again and Again

The Arabs must prepare to pay compensation to Israelby TUT editor
Nakba Day 1948 - Cartoon [Latuff/MiddleEastMonitor]

MEMO – The Israeli government has put together a case for the Arab states and Iran to pay it $250 billion as compensation for the property of Jews who left their countries of birth and migrated to the Zionist state (…)

The Israelis think within the context of the “deal of the century” and think about a trade: compensation for compensation. They will propose around $100 billion in exchange for the money and property of the Palestinians. If accepted, this means that the Arab states will still be left to pay “the balance” of $150 billion. They’d better prepare to do so because Israel usually gets what it wants; justice and the law mean nothing to the Zionist state and its allies. CONTINUE READING

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