LaRouchePAC Daily: Trump & Putin Summit-The First in 10 Years

Trump and Putin: The New Paradigm in Action, Sending Traitors into Hysterical Fits of Rage

The historic summit today between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin has marked a dramatic phase-shift in history. It is the result of a long, difficult battle, led in no small part by Lyndon LaRouche over the past fifty years, to create an alignment of interests among the great nations and cultures of history as the necessary and sufficient force required to end the tyranny of the British Empire once and for all. In particular, LaRouche posed that cooperation among “Four Powers” — Russia, China, India, and the United States (representing the distillation of the best of European culture) — could replace the broken Western financial system centered in London and Wall Street with a new paradigm, based not on monetary power and colonial wars, but on a credit system to bring peace and prosperity through mutual development for all nations.READ MORE

Friend, If you ever wondered how the population of Salem, Massachusetts, lost it so badly that they burnt real people at the stake who they claimed were witches, you are now witnessing the same thing in the reaction of the neo-liberal news media, foreign policy elite, and bought politicians to President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin. They have tried everything to prevent what reason tells you must happen: the world’s two largest nuclear powers, who based upon a misunderstanding could vaporize the world, need to bring the tensions between them, way, way down. They need to cooperate to solve the wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and elsewhere. They need to find ways to work on the type of Four Powers agreement Lyndon LaRouche envisions, where the common aims of mankind, coming to agreements which benefit all, ends years of crippling and self-defeating conflict. There is every indication that these substantive issues were discussed very substantively, despite the apparent insistence of our elites that Trump should have wrestled Putin to the ground, hit him with a sledge hammer, or pulled out his finger nails. Trump is upending the post-War II order which in recent decades has devastated the world.

Most unhinged of all is the repeated idea that Putin swung the election to Trump and Trump is committing treason by not endorsing this lunacy. Was it Putin who came up with the idea that the United States should become a “post-industrial” economy, leaving the entire middle of the country depopulated and in the grips of a relentless depression and drug addiction holocaust? No, that idea came from Wall Street and the City of London. Did Putin have the bright idea that Walmart and similar stores could somehow replace our once great industrial prowess? Nope, same people here did that. Did Putin ingrain the arrogance in our professional elites which causes them to sneer, hector, and pontificate at the unwashed masses at every turn, dictating what is and is not suitable to be thought? Seems like that is the right of passage for U.S. elites. In 2016, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama told millions that they were blessed to have them, as leaders, in their midst and that they, the unwashed and horribly suffering millions. never had it so good. The sane look no further to explain 2016.

As we exposed in our email on Saturday, the Mueller indictment is a fake. We will continue to expose and detail how the President is right: This is one crazy witch hunt. Only a population aroused to see the possibilities for real change which President Trump saw in this meeting, can win this fight; only a population armed with the profound ideas of Lyndon LaRouche. Please, join us in this fight by contributing as much as you can.

Thank you for your support,
Barbara Boyd, Treasurer

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