People are mind slaves and love dis-ease but fear healing Succumbing to Philosophy of Most Evil MAN of British Empire

People are mind slaves and love dis-ease but fear healing

by: The Unhived Mind – 9th Dec 2018


I’ve come across many people and I always study their mindsets. I’ve often found that most people really do adore their own slavery and even illness. Most of these people wouldn’t know how to live without their dis-ease as its become their life crutch. You can show one of these people suffering from disease-A of someone who has been cured of the exact same problem but the sufferer won’t even ask how you cured disease-A or sometimes show no signs of interest at all. Now tell me what kind of mind-frame do these slaves have to not even have the thought to be inquisitive and try to better themselves? A lot of the problem is due to people being dumbed down in intelligence & communication skills (linguistic minimalism) and how they’ve be programmed to think someone else has to be in charge of their lives (a slave mentality).

I’ve just spoken with someone who uses homoeopathy and who’s currently suffering from numerous symptoms from a chronic health ailment.  This being fears to use the simple but highly effective Paida Lajin therapy.  The excuse used against executing Paida Lajin is the following “I don’t want anything else to come out as I’m already suffering enough”. So my question is with a mental state such as this then why are they even using the healing art of homoeopathy? Homoeopathy can and will bring out of the body many hidden and known inner layers of dis-ease just the same as Paida Lajin!  These days quite frankly I’m tired of most people as all they end up demonstrating is a pathetic acceptance of their unknown slavery and ultimately their demise. I now feel these victims actually deserve the worse of what they’re suffering.

We know why this is happening as Bertrand Russell foretold their agenda in his book ‘The Impact of Science on Society’.

“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.” -Bertrand Russell

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