Hidden History of Judaism

How theft, lying, and identity fraud in Judaism is excused

by TUT editor

ed note–A fascinating 5 minute podcast discussion between 2 Jews discussing the biblical character Jacob (who later would be called Israel and is considered the ‘father’ of the Israelite nation) and how his trickery and dishonesty–having never been subjected to a rigorous moral examination by the followers of this peculiar cult–has colored the thinking patterns and behaviors of Jews throughout the centuries. Furthermore, as our 2 Hebraic hosts make clear, the discussion reveals how the absence of any moral examination vis a vis Jacob and his theft has led to ‘persecution’ and ‘anti-Shemitism’, but why–for the sake of revering the ‘patriarchs’–the entire biblical ordeal dealing with Jacob stealing his brother Esau’s inheritance from him via the mechanism of trickery needs to be overlooked or at the very least excused.

A case study in how Jews think and why the allergic reaction to them, their thinking, and their behavior ever since the biblical stories featuring Abraham and Sarah being kicked out of Egypt is an absolutely normal function of the body politic’s immune system, as well as underscoring the monumental error in judgment that was made when the architects of the new faith known as Christianity decided to include within it the inherently poisonous teachings of the Torah.


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