MKULTRA Slave Was a Back Channel To END the COLD WAR; Reagan & Gorbachev Got the Credit

In 1987 I ended the cold war, I met with a Soviet Union Translator, the name of that translator was Vladimir Putin, during our conversation he explained how bad things were getting for people in the Soviet Union, I told him we could end the cold war but what we both discovered was neither side wanted to be the one to openly admit they wanted it to end. This is when my plan took place which was written about in the then Soviet ambassador Jack Matlock Jr’s book Eduard Shevardnadze met with George Shultz and I told George that to admit they wanted to end the cold Shevardnadze would agree to look into human rights abuses in the Soviet union which they never did before and instead would tell the US to mind their own affairs. The US took back their word given to me and Vladimir, they would go on to try and break apart the USSR which took place. Why Vladimir may not want his name mentioned is because the US stabbed him and me in the back but if those in Russia knew the truth they shouldn’t blame Putin or me but blame the dreg maggots who control the US, excerpt from Jack Matlock Jrs book:  Shultz handed Shevardnadze a list of reported human rights abuses in the Soviet Union looked him in the eye and said through his interpreter: “George, I will check this out, and if your information is correct, I will do what I can to correct the problem. But I want you to know one thing: I am not doing this because you ask me to; I am doing it because it is what my country needs to do.”

Shultz replied: “Eduard, that’s the only reason either of us should do something. Let me assure you that I will never ask you to do something that I believe is not in your country’s interest.”

They stood and shook hands. All of that was planned by myself and Putin, we set the meeting up and I explained how they would admit they wanted the cold war to end. America is a lie and those in control are part of a secret society monarchy, I knew them all and they are the creepiest SOBs you could ever imagine. Putin was double crossed as was I. Most events you read about in the mainstream/CIA media are lies, the real people involved never known, they end up framing us for crimes and robbing us of anything and everything. They are by far the evilest lying, thieving dregs on planet earth. America owes both I and Putin an apology and Nobel peace prize. I was also responsible for getting the Berlin wall torn down, photos of me tearing the wall down are still out there, remember that when the day comes and the treasonous liars are all exposed.

Comment:  Putin has great relations with many countries;  everybody likes Putin and Xi.  No one likes the U.S.    Anybody Wonder WHY?????  Americans my age keep believing in their totally unbelievable maggot press with their Harlot Talking Heads spewing lies.  People are totally sick of us.  They are sick of being disrespected when they try to tell the American people the Truth.  Pictured are some of our Maggot Child Molestor leaders.  Look it up!!! They are ALL child molestors b/c the Mafia controlling the U.S. wants it this way.  They don’t want men of integrity who will Let Their Consciences Be Their Guide.   They want MAGGOT CHILD MOLESTORS who will be compromised by the British Secret Society Monarchy and do as they’re told=CONTROLLABLE.  The British Created NATO with the Stated Intent of “Keeping Russia OUT, the United States IN, and Germany DOWN”  How’s that for pure evil???


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