Richard Nixon Twice Had Mideast Peace in His Grasp

Richard Nixon Twice Had Mideast Peace in His Grasp

by TUT editor

ed note–for those ‘not in the know’, Richard Curtis was a career diplomat who had a bird’s eye view of everything taking place both out in front and behind the scenes regarding American foreign policy in the Middle East.

As you read this, please pay close attention to those sections dealing with Nixon’s ‘Ultimate Peace Deal’ and juxtapose what took place then with all the Jrama that is taking place now and–not coincidentally–the fact that it is the very same people hell-bent on scuttling any American president’s plans for resolving the conflict in the area and who are today applying the very same template against Trump that they used in bringing down the Nixon Administration.

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TUT editor | 11/11/2018 at 9:34 | C

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