Bridget Kelly: The REAL Truth About Her Rape and Attempted Murder (VERRRRRY Interesting)

Default Bridget Kelly: The REAL truth about her rape and attempted murder.

ABC News recently carried a story about the recent wedding of Bridget Kelly to ABC producer Eric Strauss. The wedding was interfaith as Kelly is Catholic (and her behavior does seem to be White Christian from what I can tell) and Strauss is Jewish (and actually was wearing a yarmulke during the ceremony). The significance of the story is how they met – Strauss was working for ABC’s Primetime in 2004 when Kelly was interviewed about a horrific attack she suffered in Texas in 2002.

In short, she was kidnapped from her home after an 18-year-old male attacker knocked down her door, grabbed her, took her and her car, forced her to withdraw $200 from an ATM, then drove her to a field and brutally raped her after which he shot her three times with a 9mm handgun and left her for dead. However, miraculously, she survived, regained consciousness and managed to make it to a house to get help.

Bridget Kelly recovering in a hospital after being attacked.

You can read mainstream (politically correct sanitized) versions of the story here:

ABC News producer marries subject of story he worked on – New York Daily News
Bridget Kelly attack: Woman who was kidnapped, raped, robbed and shot marries TV producer who covered story | Mail Online
From horror and pain, something wonderful | Momaha Blogs

I do not know if more details were available in the 2004 Primetime story (and probably were in 2002 as the story was unfolding), but I immediately became curious about who the attacker was. After all, as any racially aware White person knows, this one has Negro written all over it.

And it seems to be a real challenge to find out the race of the attacker. Try it yourself – search the news online to try to find a mention of the race of the rapist before reading the spoilers below. It ain’t easy. There even is an open question about this. Feel free to help them out after learning the whole truth here on Stormfront.

================================================== =

I found my first clue from a report on news ethics by a professor Kenna Griffin of the University of Oklahoma, Survivor Identification: The Ethical Debate on Naming Rape Victims (PDF, see pages 9-11) and it has some interesting details not mentioned by the mainstream media:

Originally Posted by Kenna Griffin

According to Michael Kelly’s [Bridget’s father, a journalist] series (2002), Bridget Kelly, then a 24-year-old first grade teacher in Texas, had just returned home from taking a friend to the airport when 18-year-old Jamaal Adrian Turner kicked in the door of her apartment and kidnapped her at gunpoint. Turner, a stranger, forced Kelly into her 1993 Nissan Maxima and drove her to an ATM where he made her withdrawal $200. Turner then drove Kelly to a field at the edge of a housing development, raped her, forced her to turn around, and then shot her three times. Turner, who later admitted he thought Kelly was dead, drove away, leaving the woman in the field. Kelly ran 200 yards to a new subdivision where she pounded on a door and a woman called 9-1-1 for her. A family wrapped her in a blanket and waited for an ambulance to arrive. After repeated surgeries, including one that lasted more than six hours the same day as the shooting, Kelly survived. She returned to teaching, but suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and juvenile diabetes, which doctors said was induced by the stress of her attack.

Turner returned to the scene with two friends to gloat about his escapade and show off the body. When he got near the crime scene, he saw emergency vehicles and ran. Six hours later, a Killeen Texas Police Department SWAT team arrested him at his house. He was charged in Bell County, Texas, with five counts including attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault. He later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life plus forty years in prison. He’ll be eligible for parole on June 21, 2052.

“Jamaal”?! Yeah, that ranks right up there with “Tyrone”. Not to even mention the part about returning to the crime scene with two [probably also Groid] friends to gloat about his escapade and show off the body
You can read Bridget’s father’s original articles here where we learn:

Originally Posted by Michael Kelly

She tried to talk with him, saying she was a teacher and didn’t he remember his teachers? He reacted coldly, telling her to shut up.

Her strong religious faith strengthened her spirit. As he was about to rape her, she told him: “God doesn’t want you to do this.”

He ignored her. Even as she feared for her life, knowing what might come next, she offered her suffering up to God.

When the man was finished with her, he got dressed and told her to turn around. He shot her in the back, and she fell. He shot her twice more.

He thought she was dead and left in her car.

And of course, to confirm it, we can see from Jamaal’s criminal record that Jamaal, in fact, is indeed Black:

Originally Posted by
Jamaal Adrian Turner
TDCJ ID 01117268
Unit Clements
DOB 11/17/1983
Age 28
Home County Bell
Sex Male
Race Black
Height 6 ft 2 in
Weight 165 lbsCrime Raw Description Committed On County Term Sentence Began
AGG KIDNAPPING AGG KIDNAPPING 6/21/2002 Bell Life 6/21/2002
AGG SEX ASLT AGG SEX ASLT 6/21/2002 Bell Life 6/21/2002
AGG ROBBERY AGG ROBBERY 6/21/2002 Bell 40 years 6/21/2002
MURDER ATT MURDER 6/21/2002 Bell 20 years 6/21/2002

But, wait, it gets better! There is a postscript. What is Jamaal up to (since 2007) these days? Why, he’s trying to get a date on an online inmate dating site
(There’s also a 2008 article about this on another site.)

Originally Posted by Jamaal Turner
What’s up? My name’s Jamaal. I’m twenty-three years old and I am currently looking for a woman that I can communicate and connect to. Someone who is willing to become friends and can possibly later on down the line can build that friendship into a relationship. I really like women who are not afraid to say what’s on her mind. Someone who loves to express her feelings and enjoys voicing her opinions. I like to talk about any and everything. I love to read. Especially urban books. The color of your skin does not matter to me at all. Your personality, your character and the way you conduct yourself does. It’s who you are, not what you are. Someone who is smart, beautiful, has a great sense of humor, and someone who is understanding. I have many goals in life that I have yet to accomplish. Many places I have not yet seen. I like to travel, party, play basketball and enjoy life. If you’re curious, hit me up. Take a chance. What can it hurt. Life is too short. Explore it. Enjoy every moment of it. One.

Jamaal be lookin’ for luv … n’ stuff. Leftist women, here’s your big chance to show everyone we’re all equal inside.

He may be a rapist and an (attempted) killer, but hey, everyone can rest easy because Jamaal says he ain’t no racist. Although I do doubt he would’ve hauled off, raped and shot a Black woman. And as far as “What can it hurt. Life is too short.” goes, well life sure can be real short and painful for women around ‘ol Jamaal.

What a country.

And perhaps the greatest irony of all is Bridget’s eventual marriage to a Jew. After all, his supremacist and diabolical tribe and its control of the news media and publishers is the one most responsible for suppressing any mention or awareness by Whites of the all-important relationship between race, culture, criminality and genetics, thus preventing us from implementing the needed eugenic and racial separation social policies which would have prevented Bridget’s horrible attack as well as that of millions of other White women in the past … and future.

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