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An excerpt from “St. Joseph of Wisconsin” 



By Mike King 

Dating back to his days in pre-Hitler Germany, the over-rated “theoretical physicist” whose bizarre and unobservable  “Theory of Relativity” held that space is “curved” and time can be “dilated,” had more Communist-front affiliations than one could shake a hammer & sickle at. On the very day that he took an American citizenship exam in 1940, Einstein openly advocated for the establishment of a World Government. From the horse’s own mouth — have a look:

June 23rd, 1940


Scientist Says Wilson’s Work Will Be Revived by Nations in a More Powerful Form

“Professor Albert Einstein advocated a world-wide federation of nations with “control over the whole military power of its members” soon after he had taken his final examination for American citizenship here today. He predicted the recreation of Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations “in a more powerful form.

The author of the theory of relativity asserted that “a Federal organization of the nations of the world is not only possible but an absolute necessity if the conditions on our planet are not to become unbearable for men.

Wilson’s work will be created, in my opinion, in a more powerful form. Then only will the importance of this great innovator be fully recognized. A worldwide organization cannot insure peace effectively unless it has control over the entire military power of its members.”


Wow! Why would this piece of Red filth even bother to later take an American citizenship oath — while famously and disrespectfully not wearing any socks — if his wished to see America (and all nations) ended and rolled up into a “federation of nations” stripped of all individual self-defense and subject to a “powerful” world government?


1. 1934 German postcard — Einstein mania ended in the Hitler’s Germany. // 2. It reignited 10-fold upon his arrival to America.  // 3. Reporters swarmed the “genius” wherever he went and the fame-addicted fraud loved every moment of it. He went on to use his stature to attack and undermine anti-Communists like McCarthy.


Einstein and his sycophantic crowd of academic lefties and star-struck reporters hated McCarthy as much as they had hated Hitler. To the extent that so many weak-minded “intellectuals” worshipped Einstein, his anti-anti-Communism (presented as a concern for “political freedom”) influenced other academics who were not Communists — just well-meaning libtards who believed that big-bad McCarthy might also come for them one day.

In 1953, several Communists would seek Einstein’s advice as to how to confound and defy McCarthy’s committee as well as other state/local investigations. Republished below is a brief article — originally published by the Gilder Lehrman Insitute of American History — which described the type of traitorous advice which the recent “American” Einstein gave to his Red buddies.


Albert Einstein on the McCarthy hearings and the Fifth Amendment, 1953

“During the “McCarthy hearings” of the 1950s, the government investigated American society and industry in an attempt to root out communist sympathizers. Among those investigated were scientists and scholars, who were called upon to appear before the committee to answer questions concerning their political affiliations. Some refused to testify, citing the Fifth Amendment. Rose Russell, a member of the Teachers Union of the City of New York, considered invoking of the Fifth Amendment in a letter to famous physicist and avowed socialist Albert Einstein in 1953.

Einstein advised Russell, as he did others, to refuse to testify but not on the grounds of the Fifth Amendment. In this May 28, 1953, letter Einstein wrote that although invoking the Fifth Amendment was not “unjustified,” the McCarthy hearings were not the circumstance it was meant for. “The 5th Amendment was adopted,” he wrote, “in order to make it impossible for the judicial authorities to bring the accused to confess through means of extortion.” He continued, “In the present cases, it is not a matter of violent extortion of the accused,” but rather a “matter of using people as tools for the prosecution of others that one wants to label as ‘unorthodox.’”

* The Rose Russell case appears to have been a local New York City matter, not a McCarthy investigation.

Invoking the Fifth Amendment was problematic, Einstein wrote, because “the individual is offered no legal middle ground for him to defend his actual rights.” In closing, he pointed to a more “revolutionary” tactic—”non-cooperation, like Gandhi used with great success against the legal powers of the British Authorities.”

Advising Communists to engage in contempt-of-court is itself contempt-of-court; and an act of treason.  But Globalist agents puffed-up to the stature of Albert Einstein have long been above the law and beyond reproach.



The Globalists immortalize their own as the “intellectual” boobs guzzle down their liquid excrement as if it were mothers’ milk.


Einstein the Red later made headlines by counseling fellow Jewish-Communist physicist Al Shadowitz to refuse to provide testimony at the McCarthy hearings—not by invoking the Fifth Amendment, but by asserting that any questioning of his loyalty or affiliations was a violation of the First Amendment.

Front-page Headline: New York Times (December 17, 1953)

Witness on Einstein Advice Refuses to Say if He Was a Red

“On the advice of Dr. Albert Einstein, a 38-year-old engineer refused here yesterday to tell Senator Joseph R. McCarthy whether he had been a Communist while working for the Army or on Government contracts since 1941. The engineer denied any spying.  … In Princeton, Dr. Einstein confirmed he had given the advice.

Senator McCarthy, a Wisconsin Republican said he would seek a contempt citation against Mr. Shadowitz, who based his attitude on the first amendment ….five other witnesses refused to tell the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations whether they had been Communists.

It was the second time that Dr. Einstein had counseled “noncooperation” to a witness in a Congressional investigation.”

Again, Einstein, in advising Shadowitz to engage in contempt of Congress, himself committed a crime – or, at the very least, a subversive act which ought to have gotten him deported out of the United States. But ugly Albert was too much of a cultural icon. The Time Magazine “Man of the 20th Century” was untouchable.


December 16, 1953 Communist physicist Al Shadowitz (cough cough) became a celebrity of the Left when he, on Einstein’s treasonous advice, contemptuously cited the “free speech” clause of the 1st Amendment, instead of the 5th, in order to thwart McCarthy.


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