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NY Times: Elon Musk Steps Down as Chairman in Deal With S.E.C.

NY Times: Pope Francis’ Once-Soaring Popularity Has Dropped Dramatically, New Poll Says


Since the rise and rise of Donald Trump and his generals, one untouchable Deep State icon after another after another has either fallen completely, or had the glimmer of his red star greatly diminished. Hollyweird mogul Harvey SwinesteinEric Schmidt of Google, PBS / CBS con artist Charlie Rose, NBC’s Matt LauerTavis Smiley of PBS, Senator John McStain, Speaker Paul Ryan, CBS boss Les Moonves, 60-Minutes Executive Producer Jeff Fager, and a whole bunch of other well known names from the interlocking worlds of politics, media and business are all finished — caput!

Fed Chair Janet Yenta Yellen resigned; and Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake are, for some strange reason, also retiring along with a bunch of other Congress creatures from both parties. Even stars like Mr. & Mr. Obongo,Mark Zuckerberg and Killary Clinton have lost their luster. Meanwhile, over in the EUSSR, Golden Globalists like the Frumpy Frau of Germany and Boy Toy Macron of France are suddenly crashing in popularity too. What’s going on here?

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Janet Yellen, Paul Ryan, Les Moonves — just a few of the many chess pieces that have been removed from the board.

The unexpected and rapid descent of the two sainted charlatans featured in the two Slimes articles which we selected here is something that we could not have foreseen as recently as six months ago. As far as artificially puffed-up Globalist operatives go, you’ll not find a pair more one-worldly, more communistic and more over-rated than the Fake Scientist / Fake Inventor / Fake Businessman, Elon Muskrat — and the Fake “Holy Man,” Poop Frankie.
Ironically, Sulzberger’s Slimes, which played a big role in creating, out of whole cloth, both of these CIA imposters — brings us a bit of good news about thus pair of seditious snakes.
On Poop Frankie:
“The survey results, which echo two other polls last month also showing steep declines, show that Francis’ reputation, which once seemed unassailable, has sustained considerable damage in the wake of the sex abuse scandal. Until recently, the pope appeared to be a rare public figure who attracted broad appeal among Americans.”
On Muskrat: 
Elon Musk, under pressure from his lawyers and investors of Tesla, the company he co-founded, reached a deal with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Saturday to resolve securities fraud charges. The settlement will force Mr. Musk to step aside as chairman for three years and pay a $20 million fine…The whipsaw events of the past few days followed a series of self-inflicted wounds by Mr. Musk.”
Oh how the mighty icons of libtardom are falling!
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1. The secret war on pedo-monsters has taken a heavy toll of the Marxist / Global Warmist Poop Frankie the Fake. 2. The Con-Artist Musk (also an outspoken Global Warmist and an advocate of “Universal Basic Income”) would be NOTHING without government handouts, government mandates and free media publicity.
Pardon us for making yet another excursion to “Crazy Town,” but the only plausible explanation for the shocking fall-from-grace of these two rotten swine is that there must be a power somewhere so pervasive and organized that it can now take down top tier evil doers like Musk & Frankie, at will. This is exactly what Q-Anon has been forecasting for almost all of 2018. If “The Storm” is to be believed, the structure of The New World Order will be dismantled from the bottom up and the inside out.
Does this mean that the “White Hats” are getting closer and closer to the top of the pyramid? We have been and will continue to be very cautious about spreading false hope about what is to come — but at this point, let’s just say that no reasonable person can still claim that this unmistakable pattern of elite take-downs and force-outs is coincidental. No way.
Stay tuned.
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In early 2018, at a time when Poop Frankie and Elon Muskrat seemed untouchable and were still riding high, Q specifically threatened both of them (EM = Elon Musk) 


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Pope Francis and Elon Musk are both falling rapidly in popularity.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Wow! Who could have ever predicted that?


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