We have very real existential problems in America and senators from both political parties are more concerned about what’s going on in the Ukraine a former Soviet Republic. They have spent their time drafting a resolution accusing Russia of genocide.



This selective outrage is ridiculous. This resolution was only drafted for corrupt political reasons.

They don’t give a shit about people being killed or subjected to genocide. If they did, they’d be raising alarm bells about what’s happening in Yemen or in Palestinian territories occupied by Zionist Jews.

Better yet, how about what’s happening to WHITE South African farmers? They’re getting slaughtered by violent niggers all around the country.

Or how about the ongoing genocide that is occurring as a result of the deadly COVID-19 injections?

Finally, let’s not forget about all the millions of people the United States military has killed around the world.


But sure, accuse Russia of genocide because they dared defend their national interests against ZOG agitations.

The American people couldn’t give a damn about the Ukraine. What is happening over there is none of our business and does not directly impact our lives. Even if Russia was actually committing a genocide (which they are not), I would not care. Not with all the other problems we have here in America.

We have horrible economic problems, third world infrastructure, out of control illegal immigration, unlivable cities, rampant drug use, speech censorship, endless hoaxes and all sorts of other issues. But these corrupt buttholes are spending their time drafting a resolution proclaiming how evil Russia is.

Every senator who signed onto this resolution can drop dead and burn in hell.