Senators Given Satellite Phones, High Level Politicians Vacationing With Their Families at Continuity of Government Locations, Etc. What Does This All Mean?

Comment:  Looks like the Deep State Criminals are preparing an attack on the American People so they can Keep Biden in Office, Blame Russia to Start WW3, and shut down the Internet/Communications.  With the CIA being outed as murderers (RFK Jr. about JFK-President) and anti-American coup against Trump they are going all out.  Looks like the Deep State is planning 15 Oklahoma City level bombings across America.

Senators Given Satellite Phones for “Disruptive Event” That Will Take Out Communications

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Are we close to the promised ‘Cyber Pandemic’ that the WEF promi

Side note: Does anyone know what has happened to the ‘ICE AGE FARMER’? He went offline on all of social media last November.


High Level US politicians will be vacationing Memorial Day weekend with their families at various undisclosed Continuity of Government locations

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if applied strategically possibly, for reference the Beirut explosion was 2750 Tons

30 tons of explosives are still missing.

$290 million dollars worth of anti radiation meds purchased.

Senators being supplied satellite phones for emergency communications.


Microsoft Says China Has Attacked Critical US Cyber Infrastructure


Microsoft has warned that China has been hacking/attacking critical American cyber infrastructure.


They’re saying they targeted systems in Guam.


Yeah, they probably are doing this, just like the US is no doubt doing the same to China, Russia and their other adversaries.

The US has been provoking China repeatedly over Taiwan, so it should be no shock that the Chinese would be doing certain things to retaliate.

We also have the issue of American systems being increasingly insecure. Many of these big tech companies like to hire Indians because they can pay them less money. The problem is that these Indians are mostly a bunch of retards whose inflated resumes don’t match with their actual skills and capabilities. The end result of this are systems that are less secure and vulnerable.

This situation will only get worse considering “diversity” is considered to be a more important thing than competence in America.

50 US Senators Reportedly Given Emergency Satellite Phones


So we have this story in the news.


I find it odd that we have this story come out right after a bunch of ammonium nitrate went missing.

I’m not the only one asking questions.




The gay faggot Adam Kinzinger is telling us we have nothing to be concerned with and that anybody who asks questions is insane. He is claiming that all of this is normal.


This is from the same person who has repeatedly lied about the Ukraine, J6 and other issues.

We are living in times that are far from normal. Everything is abnormal. Giving politicians satellite phones combined with everything else that is going on is something that should be seriously questioned.

60,000 Pounds of Ammonium Nitrate is Missing


So 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate just went missing.




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