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Survivor of Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, Child Porn, and Sex Trafficking. Philosopher by education. Truth warrior by divine command. 

The Great United States of America
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    For ease of reference, and to kind of gather everything in one place, in the rest of these comments I’m going to re-post all of my unrolled threads and voat links, as well as anything I’ve already written that seems relevant.


  2. I appreciate everyone’s support & compassion. Thank you for offering words of advice. The very best & most helpful thing any of y’all can do for me right now is PRAY. Pray for healing, resolution, & justice for me & . Pray for intercession so they can’t abuse us anymore.

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    …I wonder how much of that blood was a cannibal commodity and how much was for legitimate testing? Welcome to the subtle world of modern cannibalism.

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    …muttered ‘concern’ as well. My heart rate climbed higher and higher. My mother had died from this illness when I was 7. I was SO TERRIFIED that I would die too. Immediately after this test I was brought to the blood test lab and they drew I believe 18 vials of blood…

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    When I was fourteen years old I was brought to Columbia Presbyterian children’s hospital for screening, as my family has illness in it & the other children at home were ill. They put me through a highly stressful ECG (tech kept making sounds of ‘concern’ & brought in a doc who…

  6. Thus, I have exactly ZERO tolerance for willful agitation. Stress exists in life, and learning how to healthfully manage stressors is part of my work on this path. But I refuse to allow anyone to insert poison into my body via my mind any more.

  7. I even stopped talking to my sisters & my dad MONTHS before I began remembering the abuse, simply because being around any of them for any amount of time made me so anxious I would vomit & be down for the count for days after. I literally developed an allergy to my “family”

  8. The body tells the truth. The psyche is a powerful creator of reality, internally. “We are defined by how WE define our reality.” This is my reality.

  9. This is why, when these waves of coordinated attacks swell, I REFUSE to feel any fear, doubt, shame, or guilt. I recognize it for what it is: aimed only at making me harm my own body through my fight/flight overreaction that THEY created in me so they could EAT it.

  10. The cult desperately wants me to abuse myself for them, but I take my healing very seriously. I’m constantly striving to improve, even when it hurts or brings me to tears. I rebuke any & all things that contribute to my feeling sick. I HONOR MY BODY when it tells me what it needs

  11. When each doctor I saw made it clear that modern medicine doesn’t understand or know how to treat my “medical condition” I decided that SELF HEALING was my best option. I now consider the word “healthy” to be neither noun nor adjective, but a COMMAND: Heal Thy (self, mind, body).

  12. In the end, God wins. Good wins. The TRUTH always prevails eventually. I would rather die than live in a world where I have to join them in gaslighting my own body into denying the truth of what I experienced. The choice to is a survival imperative now.

  13. The theft is irreplaceable. There is no way to “make whole” again what has been broken. And if it wasn’t enough already, I am STILL dealing with abuse & TERRORISM by this cult. They won’t be satisfied until I’m dead or give up. They have zero respect for me or my life/health.

  14. Despite all I’ve done to isolate myself from further abuse, regain functioning, & heal to the best of my ability, I still have to take muscle relaxers & pain killers & supplements, as well as use & wear a lot of assistive devices just to get through daily life. My body is BROKEN.

  15. I no longer wear animal print & never will again. I’m not your FOOD, cannibals. who eat human flesh, blood, and CSF. They are DECEIVERS.

  16. Y’all ready for some ? The mascot for EDS is a ZEBRA, a prey animal that is hunted/eaten by Lions. The cannibal cult often refers to themselves as Lions. They tricked me into FLAGGING myself as a cult victim/food by donning zebra print (like a good beta slave).

  17. I was unaware of the abuse, so I fully believed everything I was experiencing was due to my complex medical condition (EDS 3, Chiari, Dysautonomia, Gastroparesis, etc etc). I began researching & sharing information about these conditions as part of my healing process.

  18. In the year that followed, I lost so much weight and was basically couch bound. During our last vacation together, my ex husband took me to the FL Keys, I was about 120lbs by that time in Feb 2016. That summer, I left him & moved back to my mom’s house. I thought I was dying.

  19. In May 2015 my (now ex) husband & his parents took me to Cannes, France during the film festival (where he & his family fed off me & I became VERY sick the 1st night there; I’m also missing 1 day from that trip in my memory). We got a puppy the day we returned. I was 150 lbs then

  20. I underwent an enormity of testing & treatment, which cost more than $130K in 2015-2016 between out of pocket expenses & things covered by insurance. TMJ appliance & Jaw MRI June 2015, spinal injection April 2015, Sleep study November 2015. It seemed never ending. I was desperate

  21. Ding Ding Ding What they did isn’t just cannibalistic, is PARASITIC. I was their “host”