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Thumbing Our Nose At the British Queen
Liberals Are Getting Nervous That Things May Backfire November 6th
Heading Into Midterms Bombs Sent to Democratic Leaders, CNN
German Weekly Opines, No Certainty Democrats Will Win Big in
                      November 6th Elections
China International Import Expo in Shanghai Shaping Up as Major 
                      Diplomatic Event Next Month
Panama Supports Building Thailand's Kra Canal to Boost
                      Global Connectivity
Xi Xinping Praises Builders, Promotes Innovation at 
                      Opening of Hong Kong Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
China Daily Editorializes, U.S. Lies Won't Deter Ibero-American
                      Nations From Joining Belt and Road
Migrant Caravan Heading to U.S. is No 'Spontaneous Event', 
                      Investigate Soro's Role
India is Hosting a Major IAEA International Conference on
                      Fusion Energy
If Global Warming Hoax Were Debunked Where Would That Leave
                      Democrats & Other Alarmists?



Thumbing Our Nose at the British Queen

Oct. 24 (EIRNS)—There is something both emblematic and delightful about the report that Panama’s Vice President and Foreign Minister Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado, in Thailand as part of a Southeast Asian tour to promote her country’s “connectivity” with the Belt and Road Initiative, urged Thailand to proceed with the construction of the great Kra Canal project. “I think it is very powerful in every way for connectivity in the future. It’s a huge potential for growth for Thailand,” she stated.

Lyndon LaRouche has long promoted the Kra Canal project as not only vital in its own right, but also as the key—along with the expanded Panama Canal, the proposed Nicaraguan Grand Inter-Oceanic Canal, and the expanded Suez Canal—to transforming global infrastructure by creating a single, world ocean: a planetary Maritime Silk Road.

So here is tiny Panama—population 4 million, with a land area smaller than that of the state of South Carolina—that was just beaten around the ears and threatened by the British Empire and their State Department sidekicks with horrific consequences, for daring to establish diplomatic relations with China and joining the Belt and Road Initiative. But instead of bowing and scraping in fear, Panama is casting its lot with the New Paradigm being constructed around the BRI.

The problem that the British Empire is facing is that it is not just Panama that is standing up to their threats and blackmail; it is not just Italy. It is also, increasingly, the United States itself—and that poses a far, far bigger strategic crisis for them. Reflective of their worst fears, a CNN analysis yesterday warned that “Trump is at the top of his dangerous game as midterms loom”—dangerous to the British Empire, to be sure—and that he is “coming across as a President increasingly bullish about himself and at ease in wielding his power.”

Those decisive U.S. midterm elections on Nov. 6 are occurring in a very fluid strategic situation, with decisive inflection points coming in the next four to six weeks on most of the key international fronts that have led the global revolt against establishment policies and parties over recent years—i.e., Brexit, the Trump election, Italy’s elections, Mexico’s elections, etc. Developments around each will impact, and will be powerfully impacted by, what happens in the U.S. in the weeks ahead.

  • Nov. 5-10: The first-ever China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held in Shanghai, with the participation of over 130 countries and regions, more than 2,800 companies and an expected 300,000 visitors, and featuring high-technology capital goods and other products. Unfortunately, the U.S. is at this point refusing to send any high-level representative, with the usual fraudulent argument about China’s “predatory” practices.

  • Nov. 11: President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are scheduled to meet in Paris, on the sidelines of the celebration of the centenary of World War I’s Armistice Day.

  • Mid-November: the deadline for Italy to submit to EU demands for an austerity budget, or else.

  • Mid-November: the deadline for derivatives clearing houses to either stay or leave London, as the Brexit impasse looms with a final deadline of March 2019. As Reuters reported yesterday “U.K. and EU edge closer to the abyss as the two sides remain stuck at Brexit impasse.”

  • Nov. 30: The G20 leaders summit will meet in Buenos Aires, with Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping scheduled to meet on its sidelines. Putin, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other world leaders will also be in attendance.

  • Dec. 1: Andrés Manuel López Obrador will be inaugurated as President of Mexico; he has stated his desire to have a good working relationship with both the U.S. and China, built around joint economic development.

In short, the entire world could soon be thumbing its nose at the British Queen.


The Liberal Establishment Is Getting Nervous Things May Backfire for Them on Nov. 6

Oct. 24 (EIRNS)—An Oct. 23 article by CNN’s Stephen Collinson betrays the liberal establishment’s deep concern that they do not have the “Trump Problem” under control, and that Trump is feeling and acting more and more Presidential—much like the report filed Oct. 14 by CBS’s Lesley Stahl. “Trump Is at the Top of His Dangerous Game as Midterms Loom,” is the headline on the CNN piece in question, which says that Trump is “coming across as a President increasingly bullish about himself and at ease in wielding his power. ‘I’m not worried about anything,’ he said” to a group of reporters in the Oval Office, according to the CNN account.

CNN rues the fact that “the President has seized control of the midterm election campaign.” In a dozen meetings with reporters over the last 11 days, “Trump’s virtuoso flexing of his significant but often diabolical political skills [and] his considerable instinctive and often cynical political prowess was on full display.” The problem, CNN writes, is that “such behavior is more often displayed by autocratic leaders who rule in personality cults than by more cautious and conventional politicians who operate in democratic systems”—i.e., those who play by the establishment’s rules of the game. The article concludes by reviewing the way that “Trump is using the [Central American] caravan crisis to launch a shock and awe assault on the airwaves on behalf of his policies.”

Heading into Midterms, Bombs Sent to Prominent Democrats, CNN

Oct. 24 (EIRNS)—Clearly intended for maximum destabilizing effect and to whip up partisan frenzy even further heading into the Nov. 6 midterm elections, over the past two days former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, drug kingpin George Soros, former CIA Director John Brennan, and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) were targetted with pipe bombs sent through the mail. Only the explosive device intended for Soros was placed in his mailbox in Bedford, New York rather than sent through the mail.

All of the suspicious packages were intercepted by the Secret Service or by law enforcement. As Brennan is an “analyst” employed by CNN, which is located in New York City’s Time Warner building, CNN’s offices were evacuated for a brief period this morning after a suspicious package addressed to Brennan was discovered in the mail room.

In each case, Wasserman Schultz’s name—misspelled as “Wasserman Shultz”—was indicated, with the return address of her Sunrise, Florida office. According to southern Florida ABC affiliate, WPLG-TV, one package delivered to the Sunrise, Florida office of Wasserman Schultz, a Clinton devotee and former chair of the Democratic National Committee, was actually meant for former Attorney General Eric Holder, but had the wrong address on it. Wasserman Schultz’s office was evacuated this morning while the local bomb squad searched the premises. A second package was addressed to her at her district office in Aventura. California Democrat Maxine Waters was also reportedly targetted.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders issued a statement condemning these “terrorizing” acts as “despicable,” warning that all those involved will be held accountable. President Donald Trump also issued a statement saying that “the full weight of our government” is being deployed as part of a “major federal investigation. We’re extremely angry, upset, unhappy about what we witnessed this morning and we’ll get to the bottom of it,” he said. “We have to unify. We have to come together.”

German Weekly Opines, No Certainty U.S. Democrats Will Win Big in Nov. 6 Elections

Oct. 24 (EIRNS)—Das Parlament, the weekly newspaper published by Germany’s Bundestag, with regular reporting on legislative affairs and debates, hints that the U.S. Democrats’ hopes for a big victory in the midterm elections on Nov. 6—in which every seat of the House and one-third of the Senate is up for election, as well as many gubernatorial, state legislature, and local positions—may not come true. Quite the opposite may happen, namely that the Republican majority in both houses will not be swept away by the Democrats—and this is not only due to Trump himself, who is energetically campaigning these days. It is also thanks to the fact that the main weakness of the Democrats is that they have no personal focus, no leading figure to put up against Trump, no challenger for the 2020 presidential elections, so that the opposition to Trump has no convincing alternative. Former President Barack Obama, who is campaigning against Trump now, is no substitute for someone whom the Democrats have to nominate for 2020.


China International Import Expo in Shanghai Shaping Up as Major Diplomatic Event Next Month

Oct. 24 (EIRNS)—The Chinese government has been saying all year that the Nov. 5-10 China International Import Expo (CIIE) is going to be one of their major diplomatic initiatives for 2018, and it is certainly shaping up that way. Xinhua reports that some 130 countries and regions, and more than 2,800 companies will participate.

“The CIIE will see 160,000 buyers from over 80,000 domestic and foreign companies, exceeding the organizers’ expectation of 15,000 companies. China has granted the status of ‘Guest of Honor’ to 12 countries, namely, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam and the United Kingdom…. More than 30 of the world’s 44 least developed countries will participate in the event. The expo provides two standard booths free of charge for less developed countries…. The CIIE will receive companies from all the G20 member states, as well as 50 countries and regions along the Belt and Road…. Eight world-leading machine tool producers will participate…. Exhibitors are expected to launch more than 100 new products and technologies at the event…. Around 300,000 visitors are expected.”

The U.S., however, will not be sending any high-level officials to the CIIE event. AP quotes an unnamed U.S. official saying: “China needs to make the necessary reforms to end its unfair practices that are harming the world economy. The U.S. government has no current plans for high-level U.S. government participation” in the expo. “We encourage China to level the playing field for U.S. goods and services.”

Panama Supports Building Thailand’s Kra Canal To Boost ‘Global Connectivity’

Oct. 24 (EIRNS)—In a visit to Thailand yesterday, as part of a three-nation tour of Southeast Asia, Panama’s Vice President and Foreign Minister Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado expressed support for building the Kra Canal, which project, she said, would boost Thailand’s role in “global connectivity.”

The project, she said, “is very powerful in every way for connectivity in the future. It’s a huge potential for growth for Thailand.” Asked if she thought Thailand should proceed with the project, she replied: “I think that is the correct direction,” The Nationreported Oct. 23.

Aside from meeting with her counterpart Don Pramudwinai, Saint Malo also met with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, with whom she discussed air and maritime connectivity, among other subjects. The PanamaOn.com website reported that Prayut specifically mentioned the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project, an infrastructure megaproject which includes railroads, ports and logistical centers to connect the country’s three major airports. The prime minister emphasized that this project would enhance Thailand’s maritime and air connectivity, allowing it to cooperate with other major hubs, such as Panama’s.

Saint Malo underscored that Panama plays a crucial role as a gateway for Thailand to Ibero-America and the Caribbean. With the construction of deep-water ports, Thailand will be able to send large ships from Thailand directly to Panama, carrying local and regional cargo. In her meeting with Transportation Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisit, Saint Malo discussed an agreement between the two nations’ respective transportation ministries on maritime and air services cooperation.

The Vice President also participated in a business conference entitled “Panama: The Big Connection,” attended by 70 businessmen and investors, members of Thailand’s Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Industries.

Xi Jinping Praises Builders, Promotes Innovation at Opening of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Oct. 24 (EIRNS)—Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday attended the inaugural ceremonies for the spectacular Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, which opened to the public today, and praised its builders: “You participated in the design, building, and maintenance of the bridge, gave full play to your talents and wisdom and accomplished the tasks with good quality and quantity,” Xinhua quoted Xi saying. The Chinese President also told the builders that over the nine years it took to build the 55 km bridge-cum-tunnel crossing the Pearl River Delta, they had broken a number of world records, and that they “demonstrate the nation’s spirit of striving to overcome any difficulties, the national strength, the innovative ability, and the aspiration to be the world’s best.”

In a visit Oct. 22 to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park of Co-operation between Guangdong and Macao, based in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, Xi also placed heavy emphasis on the role of innovation. According to Xinhua, Xi stated that “innovation is the core of the manufacturing industry and is critical for developing the real economy, and he encouraged enterprises to be ambitious in making independent innovations.”

China Daily Editorializes, U.S. Lies Won’t Deter Ibero-American Nations from Joining Belt and Road

Oct. 24 (EIRNS)—Editorializing Oct. 21 on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent threats against Central American and Caribbean nations that have established diplomatic ties with China, China Daily describes such threats as a “stab in the back.”

Warning that Chinese loans have sinister motives or that China intends to plunge these nations into a “debt trap,” are precisely the type of “wild remarks … we have come to expect from members of the Trump Administration, being based on neither truth nor fact,” the editorial states. But, it continues, this will not deter these nations from working with China. The reality is that they have decided “to integrate their priority in bilateral cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative…. Viewing the Latin America region as natural participant in the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, China looks to cooperate with countries in the region based on the principles of consultation and mutual benefits.”

In contrast, what Pompeo has offered are “outdated geopolitical maneuverings routinely adopted by some Western countries, especially the U.S.” Clearly, the U.S. “continues to treat countries in the region as its subjects without due respect for their sovereignty and legitimate rights and interests.” But, China Daily warns, the U.S. can no longer dictate policy to this region. Threats about “debt traps,” warnings about the Belt and Road Initiative’s ulterior motives, really “ring hollow and have been shown to be nothing more than symptoms of [Washington’s] own insecurities, since the countries it so presumptuously tries to speak for, continually refute these accusations.”


Migrant Caravan Heading to U.S. Is No ‘Spontaneous’ Event, Investigate Soros Role

Oct. 24 (EIRNS)—The “migrant caravan” of some 7,000 people which left Honduras on Oct. 13 and is now in Mexico heading toward the U.S.-Mexican border, has served to create a frenzy of media coverage and partisan outrage barely two weeks before the U.S.’s Nov. 6 midterm elections.

That this was not a “spontaneous” occurrence is apparent. But the questions remain of who, or what organizations, organized, financed and handled the caravan’s logistics. Both the Honduran and Guatemalan Presidents are warning of the caravan’s destabilizing effects on their own countries and fears of resulting “ungovernability.”

The name of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation keeps cropping up as a likely financier. While Anglophile media have all rushed to deny this is true, there are investigative leads on OSF’s role to be pursued. Consider this:

Pueblo Sin Fronteras (PSF, People Without Borders) is the NGO responsible for organizing the caravan, whose founder and President Robert Corona organized a similar caravan to the U.S. last April. OSF funds three of the four groups that make up the CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project, PSF’s primary backer. These include the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLIN), the American Immigration Council (AIC), the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services (RICELS) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), reported OneNewsNow on May 1, 2018. The Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation and MacArthur Foundation are also generous caravan donors.

Corona also runs the “Community Outreach” program of the Embrey Human Rights Program at Southern Methodist University in Texas. The Embrey program was founded by Lauren Embrey, heiress to a Texas real estate fortune who, among other things, signed a petition circulated by Trump haters, demanding that the President be dumped.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter reported to Fox News from Guatemala yesterday that she had met with Guatemalan intelligence officers and government officials who observed there are actually very few women and children among the marchers, with the majority consisting of young men, many of whom were contacted in their villages and told to join the march. Carter also reports that there are individuals “from all over the world” in the caravan, along with some MS13 and other gang members. After meeting with Guatemala’s Defense Minister, Carter called on the U.S. to investigate “the funding that was used by NGOs, as well as other groups, to organize the caravans.”


India Is Hosting a Major IAEA International Conference on Fusion Energy

Oct. 24 (EIRNS)—The 27th International Atomic Energy Agency’s Fusion Energy Conference, with more than 1,000 people from 40 nations participating, is taking place in Gandhinagar, India, on Oct. 22-27. Fusion “is clearly an essential option for energy safety,” said Rajagopala Chidambram, former chair of India’s Atomic Energy Commission, on the first day of the five-day conference. “I don’t see another option on the horizon,” he said. India began its fusion research in the early 1970s and is a partner in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) tokamak project.

Nawal Prinja, from India’s nuclear program, said: “Fusion is our future. Fusion technology is already working; what’s missing is the extraction of energy from fusion reactions” the ITER Newsline reports. Half-joking, Prinja described fusion energy as “a physicist’s delight but a huge headache for the engineer.”

ITER Newsline says scientists and engineers “will present and discuss the key physics and technology issues of fusion research … for the benefit of all mankind.”

If Global Warming Hoax Were Debunked, Where Does That Leave Democrats and Other Alarmists?

Oct. 24 (EIRNS)—This useful question was posed by The Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins and H. Sterling Burnet in an Oct. 23 article in American Thinker, which states that “a growing number of scientists” say that the much-publicized climate models predicting steadily increasing global temperatures due to human CO2 emissions are wrong. Instead, they say, the Earth could soon face something “even more dire: global cooling.”

The authors cite Valentina Zharkova, an astrophysicist at Northumbria University in the U.K., whose team of researchers say that based on mathematical models of the Sun’s magnetic activity, it’s likely Earth will experience decreasing magnetic waves over a 33-year period beginning in 2021. Moreover, researchers at the Physical Meteorological Observatory Davos, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, ETH Zurich, and the University of Bern published a model projecting a cooling period “in 50 or 100 years’ time.”

Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, listed on the NoTricksZone website, include similar projections, arguing that solar activity and solar cycles significantly influence global climate change on decadal, centennial, and millennial time scales. Some of these papers, the authors explain, “even argue that solar activity is often the dominant factor driving climate change.” Reduced solar magnetic activity “has previously been linked to historically-cool periods in Earth’s history,” some studies elaborate.

The authors observe that if defenders of the argument that CO2 emissions are driving climate change, are wrong, and lower solar activity does have a cooling effect on the climate, “the results could prove disastrous for climate-change crusaders in the Democratic Party, the United Nations, and elsewhere who desperately want to impose restrictions, punishments or both, on CO2 emitters—which, it’s worth remembering, includes everyone in the world, including you.” A cooling effect would completely undermine “virtually every single climate model predicting steady warming over the next century,” and would highlight “just how flawed mainstream climate science has become. After all, if climate alarmists can’t accurately predict a 33-year cooling period based on solar activity, why should we trust them to predict global temperature 100 years in the future?”

Unfortunately, the authors ignore the zero population growth intentions of the manmade climate hoax, as EIR demonstrated in its 2015 special report “ ‘Global Warming’ Scare Is Population Reduction, Not Science.”





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