Why Donald Trump’s Anti-Neoconservative Interventionism Might Not Be Enough to Prevent WWIII

Lest We Forget– Welcome to the Hotel California…Why Donald Trump’s anti-Neoconservative interventionism might not be enough to prevent WWIII

by TUT editor

ed note–just in case there has been some short term memory loss vis a vis how everything taking place right now was predicted years ago, eerily similar in many respects to the entire ‘Sandy Hook Hoax’ fiasco that is now coming into full bloom with Alex Jones’ various million dollar lawsuits, to wit–

‘Today’s learned elders of Zion, trafficking in the same evasive, innuendo-based tactics towards Trump they have mastered over the course of thousands of years accuse him of (what else?) Nazism, racism, xenophobia, vulgarity, of ‘putting America in danger’ and a chorus line of other baseless, emotionally driven and irrelevant charges high in mud content. By doing so, they hope to electrify and energize the mob against him in favor of some Barabbas substitute pre-selected to do the bidding of the Jewish state, and as such, anything and everything is made the subject of political discourse, except of course the real thorn in Judaea’s eye, which are the problematic noises Trump has made indicating that a tectonic movement of geo-political plates is about to occur with regards to the bigger plans Israel envisions not only for herself but as well for the rest of the world.’

This being the case then, the same pack of political hyenas now circling the would-be lion king understand that Trump is just one of a much larger and more dangerous pride of powerful alphas organized around the mission of clearing the American landscape of those poachers and scavengers calling themselves the Neoconservatives. Through that afore-described ‘6th sense,’ they understand he is the proverbial tip of the iceberg indicating that something bigger and more foreboding is headed Israel’s way than simply a candidate ‘not wanting Jewish money’ or promising to take an ‘unbiased approach’ to the Israeli/Palestinian situation. His comments concerning ‘what really happened’ on 9/11 and charging that a coverup took place, to his criticism of the Zionist-wrought disasters in Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc that have destabilized the region and made it a breeding ground for terrorists, to his promise of improved relations with Russia, to his targeting of economically eviscerating trade deals and the problems associated with illegal immigration, all wrapped up in one nice, audiogenic phrase ‘Let’s Make America Great Again,’ speaks volumes about what Trump & co have in store five minutes after he has taken his oath of office on Inauguration Day, 2017.’

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My Comment:  Zionists Running America Want Their WW3 and a New World Order.  We are their slaves and they will be the elite with unlimited money.

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