Trump Perched to Join the USA to BRICs Infrastructure Development and Belt & Road Initiative; Calls it the North American Belt and Road Initiative

Rogers has another plan as well, addressing the new, positive relationship between President Trump and President-elect López Obrador in Mexico. Since Trump has declared that NAFTA must be replaced with a totally new trade agreement, we should not call the new plan the North American Free Trade Agreement, but the North American Belt and Road Initiative, NABRI. In this way. the U.S. can fully participate with China and the other 100 nations in the Belt and Road Initiative in the development of Mexico, and all of Ibero-America, as well as the United States itself. And, as Trump and López Obrador both agree, by creating economic development, jobs and hope for the future, the refugee crisis can be resolved, and the drug cartels which now essentially control Mexico can be defeated.

Add your name to the list of prominent signers who are calling for the U.S. to Join the BRICS

This report serves as an outline for what is, perhaps, the best opportunity the United States has been given in decades to regain its founding identity, by joining the new international order being created at this moment by a group of leading nations to move civilization forward into a new paradigm for mankind. The planet is truly at an existential crossroads, and without a dramatic change of policy from within the United States, away from the last fourteen years of the Bush/Obama presidencies typified by Wall Street bailouts and interventionist, Cold War-style warfare, the world could very well erupt into a Third World War.

Outlined here is a mapping of the new paradigm emerging around the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa), how the United States can join this revolutionary new dynamic, the intellectual and political leadership provided by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche over the last forty years to make this vision a reality, and an epistomological overview of where mankind, as a species, is headed were this new paradigm to envelop the entire planet.



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