LaRouchePAC Daily: Which Path Will U.S. Take?

Dual Power Situation in Today’s World — Which Path Will the U.S. Take?

The 2018 BRICS Summit can be usefully compared to the Bandung Conference of Asian and African nations in Indonesia in 1955, the first time the formerly colonized nations met without the colonial masters present. The difference, today, is that the BRICS now represents not only the majority of the world’s population, but also nearly half of the world economy, and by far most of the growth in the world economy.READ MORE

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My Comment:  The British Monarchy Name is Not really WINDSOR.  They are Frauds.  Their Real Name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and they are Talmudic Germans and illuminati “JEWS.”  They have usurped the crown by fraud and don’t represent English people who are their victims with the massive Muslim migration and rapes of English girls.  British Monarchy are hard core Synagogue of Satan members and party with the Synagogue of Satan Rothschild Zionists.  British Monarchy surround theirselves with hard core pedophiles like Jimmy Saville, Britton and many, many others.  See for deeper background on them or his book:  The Biggest Secret.

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