Africa is Still a Victim of Mass Genocide By the British Empire

“Africa is still a victim of the mass genocide, by the British Empire—pure and simple! Cut away all the garbage, and that’s it: It’s the British Empire which is destroying Africa.

“So, now we have a mission: Not merely the problem of restoring economies of the United States, and Europe, and so forth. We have a problem of a world, which is already suffering from shortages caused by this system, as in the case of China—progressing but not enough; India—progressing, but 70% are extremely poor, still; similar throughout Asia. Africa is target of major genocide, chiefly by the British interests.

“Therefore, if we’re going to deal with the world to come, over the next two generations, which is about the period we have to think about, we have to think of a program for developing the planet, within the context, not of globalization, but of a system of sovereign nation-states. That means, that nations in particular regions of the world have to come to common agreements on development, long-range development, so we can create credit for up to a 50-year perspective, for investment in infrastructure, and such projects. For example: Africa can not be developed without a modern equivalent of a rail system, which means, largely, a maglev system. Without the development of power systems, and mass transportation systems, and water management, Africa can not develop. The genocide will continue to proceed by inertia. Therefore, we have an Africa mission, as part of the world!”

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