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FRIDAY / JULY 6, 2018
NY Times: When Health Insurance Prices Rose Last Year, Around a Million Americans Dropped Coverage

In some ways, the laws of economics mirror the laws of motion. You know: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So, when the Harvard eggheads who crafted the Orwellianly-named “Affordable Care Act” (aka ObamaCare) prompted Black Jesus to wave his magic wand and decree that scores of millions of “kids” could now stay on their parents’ insurance policy until the age of 26; and that people with pre-existing conditions had to be covered at the same rate as healthy folks; and that insured women were now “entitled” to free birth control — the Piranha Press was quick to identify all the visible beneficiaries of this action. Of course, the same Fake News dutifully ignored the invisible victims of the inevitable reaction that has since occurred and is now worsening — namely, the skyrocketing of insurance policy rates and deductibles.

Nothing is “free” in this life. Millions of “kids” dumped on the parents’ policy and millions of women getting “free” birth-control means more disbursements paid out to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies by the insurance companies. More disbursements means that higher policy rates (and more government subsidies) are needed just for the insurers to stay in business. This ain’t rocket science, boys and girls.  For every credit over here, there must be a debit over there. And though it’s wonderful that John Doe’s two kids got “free” coverage, the Doe Family’s gain came at the expense of his self-employed or suddenly unemployed next-door neighbor who cannot now afford a policy for his own family.

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If more people understood the reality of action-reaction, the Marxists would not be able to dupe so many libtards with there empty promises of “free” stuff.

Of course, leave it to the seditious scum at Sulzberger’s Slimes to cast blame for the explosion in insurance rates not upon a Medical Mafia cartel which artificially limits the number of doctors; and not upon decades of government mandates which have long since killed the essential direct buyer (the patient) / direct seller (the doctor / hospital) market mechanism as even the most minor items are dumped onto 3rd-party employer provided insurance now; and certainly not upon the additional impossible mandates of ObongoCare. No sir. The new culprit for the ongoing spike in costs and rates is none other than (cue the boos and hisses), you guessed it — Donald Trump!
From the article written by “health care reporter” Margaret Sanger-Katz (cough cough):

“But the Trump administration has taken actions that are likely to raise prices still higher for comprehensive health insurance, making the markets even less stable. Besides slashing its budget for Obamacare advertising and enrollment assistance last year, the administration eliminated payments to insurance companies meant to help offset the cost of covering their lowest-income customers.

It has enacted additional policies, going into effect by next year, that could weaken the Obamacare markets. In January, people who fail to obtain health insurance will no longer need to pay a fine. The administration recently released a rule allowing more self-employed Americans to buy so-called association health plans, which are not subject to as many rules as Obamacare plans.”

Oh if only Trump would have spent more money advertising for ObamaCare enrollment! Oh if only Trump had not waived the cruel tax penalty on struggling Americans who could not afford to buy insurance! Oh if only Trump had not allowed the self-employed to enjoy more flexibility in buying “association plans!” Anything to protect the “legacy”  of Mr. & Mr. Obongo, eh Margie? —  You dirty, damn, disgusting, deceitful, devious, demonic Fake News yenta hag! (Deep breath, time for a serenity prayer.)


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1. The U.S. ranks an appalling 52nd in the world in doctors-per-capita. (here) Fewer doctors means no competition — which means that they can get away with charging extortionist fees for procedures. 2. The greedy Medical Mafia cartel has created a protection racket whereby even top students graduating from top schools will not be accepted into medical school. 3. ObongoCare’s answer to the problems caused by doctor shortages and expensive government coverage mandates for insurance policies was to issue even more government mandates.
The tragic irony of America’s worsening heath care / health insurance crisis is that although there are few, if any, free-market forces operating in this critical sector, many sorry specimens of Boobus Americanus — miseducated by the Marxified “educational system,” misinformed by the Marxified Fake News, and totally ignorant of the action-reaction dynamic  — will blame the free market for the systemic inefficiencies, abuses and price-gouging of a perverse system of third party payers that is actually a bastardized hybrid of cartel capitalism and government communism.
The Globalist-Marxist crime syndicate that engineered this disaster is not ignorant of economic principles, of course. To the contrary, the high-level financial elites who own the U.S. government-media complex are experts in the field. The deliberately, and brilliantly, engineered inefficiencies and price-gouging are intended to cause so much pain for the uninsured that eventually the public (broke-ass libtarded “millennials” in particular) will rise up and demand cradle-to-grave, nanny-state, “democratic socialism” — a high-sounding euphemism for “3-hots-and-a-cot” slavery by way of the ballot box.
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Marxist vermin such as Bernie Sanders (cough cough) peddle unworkable Utopian schemes to naive young people who were put into a desperate situation by policies implemented by  ….. Marxist vermin such as Bernie Sanders (cough cough) in the first place!


  Boobus Americanus 1: I was reading in the New York Times today that Trump’s cutting of advertising money for ObamaCare is partially responsible driving up heath insurance costs.

Boobus Americanus 2: Trump is absolutely obsessed with dismantling all of President Obama’s achievements.


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