Instead of Facebook/CIA Try GAB

GAB: Hello everyone,After three years of work and after being banned multiple times by both App Stores, Gab finally has dozens of mobile apps for our users to choose from. Recently we moved to an open source and decentralized version of Gab that makes your Gab account compatible with a variety of different apps.You can search both app stores for “Mastodon” “ActivityPub” and “Fediverse.” The majority of those apps will work with your Gab account, although some of them have unfortunately already blocked our domain. To sign into your Gab account with these third-party apps simply enter “” as the instance/server and then login with your Gab credentials.Thankfully we have an official Gab app for Android on the Google Play Store here.Unfortunately Apple recently banned our Apple Developer account without cause, but thankfully there are several third-party clients that will allow you to login with your Gab account. Our favorite right now is Roma and you can get it here.Gab Social is now unstoppable.In the coming weeks we will be adding the functionality you know and love from Gab such as groups, editing, and more. With the new Gab, anyone will be able to host their own Gab Social server which will make the Gab platform decentralized and unable to be taken down as a whole ever again.Those who set up their own server will have total control over their content and account. This is a huge step forward for free speech on the internet and we are excited to keep you updated on this development in the coming weeks. Gab is also now open source, for developers who are interested you can view our repo here.If you want to support Gab and help us on our mission to defend free expression on the internet you can do so in one of two ways. Gab is 100% funded by you, The People.Accredited investors can invest in Gab’s new funding round and learn more about our stock offering here.Those who wish to go PRO or send a donation can do so by mailing a check or money order to: 

Gab AI Inc
PO Bo 441
Clarks Summit, Pa 
18411Thank you and remember to speak freely!Andrew Torba 

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