Israel: Executions by Jewish Terrorists Now Running Israel

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Why Is Israel Still Covering Up Extrajudicial Executions Committed by a Jewish terrorist Militia in ’48?

by TUT editor

Seven decades after a report documented executions by Israel’s pre-state army of Poles and Arabs – as well as incidents of torture and looting – the authorities are still censoring the documents

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Israel Was Soft on Jewish Terrorists in the 1980s – Will History Repeat Itself?

by TUT editor

Jewish terrorists of Israel’s past were quickly welcomed back into society as journalists, political activists and settler leaders. But experts say today’s offenders will not enjoy similar leniency.

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How a Group of Jewish Terrorists Ended Up in Israel’s Halls of Power

by TUT editor

A new documentary series about the Jewish Underground charts the movement’s terrorist activities in the 1980s and the influence its members now exert on modern politics. Director Shai Gal hopes his show serves as a wake-up call

ed note–as with virtually all things with which we deal on this website, please consider the ‘T-Rex in the room’ and the manner in which people VOLUNTARILY choose to ignore it, despite its size, smell, noise, and the IMMEDIATE danger it poses to everything.

Any honest, 5-minute review of even a mere handful of the more well-known and beloved patriarchs and matriarchs of Judaism–whether it is Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Lott, Moses, Joshua, David, Sarah, Esther, etc–as they are described in the Old Testament (Torah) shows them clearly for what they were, or at least the sum of their persons based upon how they and their exploits are depicted and described within the pages of that piece of religious literature–con artists, femmes fatales, thieves, mass murderers, child molesters, etc, and yet, people–including our unesteemed Hebraic author–are amazed, appalled, astonished, stunned, astounded, surprised, perplexed, and every other adjective describing some state of moral shock–when today’s great, great grandchildren of those yesteryear con artists, femmes fatales, thieves, mass murderers, child molesters, etc, follow continue with the ‘family business’ by engaging in the very same behavior which that ‘family album’ known as the OT (Torah) describes in glowing, reverent terms.

It is the thousands-of-years old secret which has been sitting there out in the open for all to see like a bottle of rat poison–complete with the clearly-visible skull and bones warning label–and yet only a handful CHOOSE to recognize this fact as that bottle is passed around for everyone to gleefully take a gulp, and despite the death and destruction it has brought everywhere it has gone. Even now, when the parameters are not nearly as obscure as they were in centuries past and when Judea, Inc sits atop the world with near-total control of every aspect of human existence and with an itchy, twitchy trigger finger just salivating for the opportunity to set and already-burnt world on fire, billions of people–whose own lives now hang in the balance–refuse for a whole myriad of emotional-based reasons to call the T-Rex out for what it is.

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