Jimmy Saville-Prime Minister Ted Heath Satanic Child Rapists and Killers had a long standing Association

David Icke was the ONLY researcher to make the Heath, PM – Jimmy Saville connection 17 years ago and this is beginning to come to light.

With the most crass and outrageous timing and censorship, Facebook has chosen the very week when David Icke has been proved right about Prime Minister Ted Heath to ban him for posting what reflects the truth about Heath and his relationship with Savile.

David was the only person who publicly named Prime Minister Ted Heath as a paedophile, Satanist and child killer while he was still alive and has done so constantly since.

Indeed this very picture and words have been posted in the past on Facebook long before the Heath story broke in the mainstream media this week and it was not removed.

Now, as what David said 17 years ago about Heath in The Biggest Secret comes to wide public attention, Facebook has removed the picture and blocked him from posting anything for three days.

Facebook you are a disgrace and this will rightly reflect on your growing reputation for censorship and invasion of privacy as well as unbelievably bad judgement in the light of this week’s revelations.

Others who shared the picture have also had warnings.

Please circulate this information – link is: http://www.davidicke.com/?p=342096



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