First Serial Killers Murder Animals; Then They Murder People! High Powered Executive Suspect in Murder of Four Suspicious Cat Deaths

A cat died from choking with electrical tape wrapped tightly around his neck, according to authorities. The suspect reportedly disposed of two additional dead cats prior to this. Demand justice for these innocent animal victims.
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Target: Bryan Porter, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Alexandria, Virginia

Goal: Punish the man who allegedly wrapped electrical tape around a cat’s neck, leading to the cat’s death.

A cat died after electrical tape was allegedly wrapped tightly around his neck. The suspect reportedly disposed of two other dead cats in the previous months and brought a third injured cat into a veterinary clinic. Demand justice for these poor cats.

Officers with Loudoun County Animal Services began investigating Ryan McCuskey, a high-power executive, after his cat allegedly died under suspicious circumstances. Per officers, McCuskey called the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria and asked how he could dispose of two dead cats. Shortly after this call, McCuskey reportedly brought another injured cat to a nearby veterinary clinic. McCuskey then brought a fourth cat, named Gato, into a clinic and claimed that the cat was choking on super glue. However, veterinarians reportedly found electrical tape wrapped tightly around Gato’s neck.

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