EXPOSED! Pedophile Ring Link to Adrenochrome [Human Drug] Trafficking and Pizza Gate….Satanists ADDICTED to ADRENOCHROME!

Satanists Are Addicted to Adrenochrome Extracted From Live Torture Victims

Adrenochrome is an oxidation product of adrenaline (ephinephrine, norepinephrine). The effects and classification of this drug is said to be controversial because it is debated whether is has any psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects, although some test subjects compared the adrenochrome experience to mild psilocybin and LSD experiences. Psychoactive effects of adrenochrome may include euphoria, confusion, a change in train of thought, lack of judgment, poor insight and inability to concentrate.
Author Hunter S. Thompson mentions adrenochrome in his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. In the book the drug comes from a living donor’s adrenal gland and therefore it is deemed exotic and intense. In the DVD commentary, director Terry Gilliam admits that his and Thompson’s portrayal is fictional.

“Adrenochrome,” he said. “You won’t need much. Just a tiny taste.”
I got the bottle and dipped the head of a paper match into it.
“That’s about right,” he said. “That stuff makes pure mescaline seem like ginger beer. You’ll go completely crazy if u take too much.”
“Jesus! What kind of monster client have you picked up this time? There’s only one source for this stuff….”
He nodded.
“The adrenaline glands from a living human body,” I said. “It’s no good if you get it out of a corpse.”
– Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.i wish i had adrenochrome

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Effect on the brain[edit]

Several small-scale studies (involving 15 or fewer test subjects) conducted in the 1950s and 1960s reported that adrenochrome triggered psychotic reactions such as thought disorderderealization, and euphoria.[2] Researchers Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond claimed that adrenochrome is a neurotoxicpsychotomimetic substance and may play a role in schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.[3] In what they called the “adrenochrome hypothesis”,[4] they speculated that megadoses of vitamin C and niacin could cure schizophrenia by reducing brain adrenochrome.[5][6] However, these hypotheses have never been scientifically accepted; adrenochrome is not currently believed to have any psychedelic properties.[7]

My Comment:  Satanists, that is real ones, know fully about Adrenochrome and many are totally addicted to it.

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Ok…Adrenochrome, what if

The movie ‘Limitless’ which is a great film BTW, is a depiction of adrenochrome addiction and a description of the high from the perspective of the elite? This film shows the rise to power by an adrenochrome accidental addict. I continue to wonder what the draw to the illuminati is by the rich and famous. Besides money, lifestyle and ofcourse blackmail at some point. Could the highest individuals need the drug and die without it? Hence the horrific aged looking pictures of bill and killary, soros baggy ass eyes? Etc?


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