The Zionist Synagogue of Satan Which Call Themselves “Jews” But Are NOT….From Jesus…NWO!

My Comment:  Christians are mass murdered under ANY & ALL  political Zionist rule.  They HATE Christians, They HATE BLACKS, THEY HATE ASIANS, They HATE MUSLIMS.  Zionists LOVE:  MASS MURDER, RAPING CHILDREN, TORTURING & KILLING, ABORTIONS, WARS, SYNTHETIC PILLS FOR ‘MEDICINE’, WORSHIP OF SATAN AND PROMOTING PHONY DISSIDENT GROUPS LIKE GREEN GROUPS, CONTROLLED OPPOSITION LIKE BLACK LIVES MATTER.  THEY LOVE MULTICULTURISM, MIXED RACE WORLD POPULATIONS, HOMOSEXUALITY, TRANSGENDERISM, BREAKDOWN OF THE FAMILIES AND IN GENERAL A WEAKENED SOCIETY….THE LAST THING THEY WANT IS A STRONG NATIONALISM LIKE UNDER HITLER!  THESE ARE THE POLITICAL ZIONISTS aka Synagogue of SATAN!  They rule America via Political Action PACs with money funded by George Soros and his hundreds of phony “charities” and PACs-all Zionist money to use American Troops for Zionist Wars whom never fight the wars they get us into but give themselves and children exemptions from military service.  Political Zionists were behind mass murders of:  Soviet Christians, Ukrainians in Holodomor, Armenians, Africans over and over again, Japanese in Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Dresden firebombing in Germany and Communist Chinese Holocaust of dissidents, Khmer Rhouge mass torture & killings, Vietnam, etc. etc. etc.  too long to list their crimes here.  Political Zionists keep Americans enslaved in debt via their Rothschild Zionist Federal Reserve Bank.  They aim to destroy America!

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