Anthony Bordain PizzaGate Casualty? Was About to Expose Clinton Pedophilia & Child Trafficking!

Anthony Bordain PizzaGate Casualty?

The world reels in shock at the death of Celebrity Chef and CNN reporter Anthony Bourdain. Authorities rule it suicide. But evidence has emerged that Bourdain was about to expose an elite pedophile and child trafficking ring tied to the Clintons. Was Bourdain murdered? The shocking facts will be revealed.


ABC fires Roseanne Barr for alleged racist tweets, while at the same time, their parent company Disney, hires convicted pedophiles to work with children. See the hypocrisy in that? Most people don’t. But Disney is a PedoGate empire, rife with predators from the lowest rungs of the corporate ladder all the way to the very top. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!

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