Senior FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Tells of 50-60,000 Satanic Human Sacrifices (18.55 Minutes) Every Year

Former FBI Chief tells of 50-60,000 Satanistic human …

This is the number one thread over on the other subreddit at the moment.. 50,000 – 60,000human sacrifices every year.. Every year.. Ted Gunderson also promoted the idea that the Oklahoma Bombing was a government plot, that there is a secret NWO shadow government, that the 1993 WTC bombing was FBI agent provocateurs.
My Comment:  DO THE MATH.  This is almost 1,000 human sacrifices per state in EVERY state.  My Guess is that a large number of them is done by the Freemasons who were created by the ZIONIST Synagogue of Satan-an Extremist Satanic Group.

Published on Oct 30, 2014

Click ‘SHOW MORE’ In his last public presentation on the Satanic, pediphilic, death (oc)cults that run this world before he was finally assassinated by arsenic poisoning in 2011, retired FBI Chief Ted Gunderson (head of FBI Los Angeles division for several years before his retirement in 1979) tells the story of how one of the 50-60,000 human sacrifices that are perpetrated in this country every year was foiled. Tomorrow, on one of their foremost unholy days, undoubtedly thousands of young women and children will again be tortured, traumatized, brutally raped and sacrificed in order that those sacrificing them might take in the great spiritual power of darkenss that comes from these barabaric acts. It is my prayer that God will raise up more men like John Van Meter and Ted Gunderson, that more of these victims are spared. Link to full presentation: Article on John “Homer” Van Meter (notice the reader’s comments at the bottom of the article):… Article detailing the ongoing trial of Van Meter from 2007:… Article telling of the verdict against Van Meter wherein a jury convicted him of fabricating a shootout and lying to authorities. What possible motive convinced the jury that it was reasonable to believe a man would shoot himself five times is not stated. Notice the sentencing “just happened” to be set for September 11.… Link to Van Meter’s book wherein Gunderson’s letter to the judge is printed. Scroll down past the letter of the girl who was nearly sacrificed in California to see Van Meter’s account of the judicial proceedings. See what he told the court concerning the assistant D.A.’s allegations he had enlisted the services of a friend to shoot him (one bullet creasing his skull) in order to perpetrate the “hoax”:…


Another Video on youtube:

It’s In Every Town

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