America Supporting the Chosenites FROM HELL!

Anonymous Snipers and a Lethal Verdict

by TUT editor

We may never know the name of the soldier who killed Razan al-Najjar. But we do know the names of those who gave the order enabling him to kill her

ed note–Our Hebraic author notes (truthfully) that killing Palestinians is an ‘inseparable part of the culture of Israeli impunity’, but–like focusing on unfiltered cigarettes and the cancer they cause to the exclusion of all other tobacco products–she is only telling part of the truth.

The ‘impunity’ the author references is not as much part of the ‘Israeli’ culture as much as it is ‘Israelite’. What is happening now and what has been taking place for the last century–whether it has been in the killing fields of the Middle East or wherever–and where Jews murder Gentiles with complete impunity is as much part of the Torah-driven recipe for advancing the ‘Israelite’ agenda as 1st gear in an automobile is the mechanism by which the vehicle moves forward.

And as much as the less critical thinking members amongst us just looooove to shower ‘good Jews’ such as the Hebraic author of this OpEd with all sorts of congratulatory and laudatory noise for ‘speaking their conscience’ concerning this terrible event, the fact is that they are only telling part of the truth.

As we say here often, the murder of this young Palestinian nurse is not a ‘Zionist’ thing. It is not a ‘Khazar’ thing, nor a ‘Talmud’ thing. The prescription for engaging in precisely this kind of behavior has its roots deeply embedded in the beginning of the entire ‘Israelite’ affair, and it is with the Old Testament commandment that GAAAAAWD’S chosen people murder EN MASSE the inhabitants of the ‘promised land’, of ‘leaving alive nothing that breathes’ and of ‘showing them no mercy’.

Piss and moan about it all you want, all of you who just LOOOOOVE your war-commanding Old Testament, but, as we say here often, it is what it is, and just because you might not like what the ugly truth happens to be, this does not change the fact that indeed the ugly truth is what it is. Read more of this post

My Comment:  The old Testament is so over and was over millenia ago;  Let go of this Evangelical Christians.  LOSE YOUR DELUSIONS and FACE the TRUTH!  All Who support these wars support CRIMES!  Get over your Religious brainwashing!  SEEK THE TRUTH!  Israel is a Zionist creation of Balfour Declaration!  Israel is a racist hell on earth even for the Jews.  Israel can’t stand Christians.  They just use your politicians to lie to you to use your sons as cannon fodder to fight wars and kill yourselves for these useless wars towards their maniacal goal of a GREATER ISRAEL!  WAKE UP!!!!  Israel is a Rothschild ZIONIST creation and They ARE the Synagogue of SATAN as Jesus stated [all lies & deceit].

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