ALL Political Parties Supporting the Chosenites From HELL!

Comment: Because they know their political career is over if they don’t as ZIONISTS own & fund ALL politicians.

Democrats and Republicans Mostly All Backing Israel’s War Effort

By infostormer -May 14, 20210

As expected, pretty much every Democrat and Republican of importance is fully supporting Israel and their ongoing war against the Palestinians. Just take a look at these tweets.

The Jews destroyed a media building in Gaza no doubt to try and prevent reporting of the numerous atrocities they intend to commit. But this according to all the people above, is Israel defending itself.

I honestly don’t care about this conflict outside of the fact that the American government is fully controlled by Jews and the Israeli lobby. This relationship has had a very negative impact on the American people.

We should not be supporting Israel in any squabble they have with the people whose land they stole. It is utterly insane that supporting Jews and Israel is the only issue that both the Democrats and Republicans can come together on.

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