Workshop on the Common Law Revolution

Arming Ourselves for the Battle Today: A Workshop on the Common Law Revolution

This Sunday May 6 on Here We Stand
at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern and 11 pm GMT on
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Activists in nine countries are taking direct action this month to halt church-run child trafficking networks in their communities, through citizen arrests, property seizures, convening of common law courts and the issuing of liens and notices against church and state officials. Now is the time to be armed with the knowledge of what empowers and authorizes us to act as free, self-governing men and women.
Today’s program features an online workshop on the Common Law Revolution, including how to convene courts and deploy deputized police and citizen peace officers against the guilty. The workshop is from the archives of the Radio Free Kanata Educational Series, featuring our regular host Kevin Annett and Ryan Gable.
The program also features an update on news from Ireland, Rome and Australia on Operation Atonement: the campaign to disestablish criminally convicted churches.


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