Brookings Institute is Another Zionist Think Tank to Devise U.S. Foreign Policy Like the IRAN Foreign Policy

Harvard’s Lawrence Tribe on CNN– ‘To impeach Trump, you have to shoot to kill’

by TUT editor

ed note–a few factoids on Lawrence Tribe worth mulling over–

1. According to Wiki, Tribe is the son of Paulina Diatlovitsky and George Israel Tribe. His family was Jewish.

2. While not a sitting member, nevertheless he is a regular ‘adviser’ to the Brookings Institution, a globalist/Zionist thinktank that regularly cranks out policy papers whose aim is advancing globalist and Zionist schemes such as ‘Which Path to Persia’ which called for precisely the kind of agreement between Iran and the P5+1 as a necessary precursor to war, which Trump recently cancelled.

Despite there being not a whole lot of raw evidence linking Tribe to the ‘tribe’, nevertheless he has been extremely vocal in calling for Trump’s removal and therefore no one should underestimate the innuendo that is contained in the language he used vis a vis ‘shoot to kill’.

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