Arab identifies ‘Positive’ Aspects of Trump’s Jerusalem Recognition: Bringing the Arabs Together & Showing the World How Biased the U.S. Really Is

Arab experts outline ‘positive’ aspects of Trump’s Jerusalem recognitionby TUT editor

The positive aspects of the American move are based on the analysis of three experts on international relations and international law, and include the following points:

  • Exposing the American position as being biased in favor of Israel

  • Raising international support for the recognition of the city of “Al-Quds” (the Arabic name for Jerusalem -ed.) and of “Palestine”

  • Formulation of a unified Arab position despite existing differences of opinion

  • Increasing popular Arab and Islamic awareness of the Palestinian problem

  • Strengthening international solidarity with the Palestinians

  • The undermining of security as a result of the normalization with Israel

  • Highlighting the Turkish role in supporting Islamic issues

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