Trump’s Failure at the UN Is a Gift to Iran-and Israel Should Be Concerned

Trump’s Failure at the UN Is a Gift to Iran – and Israel Should Be Concerned

by TUT editor

This was a worldwide vote of no confidence for Trump and from which Israel will suffer the next time it tries to win the international community’s support against Iran

ed note–by all means, those of you out there marinated in/inebriated on your identity politics, who obstinately insist upon going no higher/further than your own one-dimensional political ingenuity and who see all of this as merely ‘Trump kowtowing to d’Jooz,’ pay no mind whatsoever to the very measurable concerns/angst being expressed by political analysts in Israel vis a vis the immediate and long-term repercussions of Trump’s Jerusalem declaration and whether or not it was done as a deliberate maneuver in putting pressure on the Jewish state by a President who has made it one of his top priorities to see things calm down in the Middle East before it reaches the point of no return, if in fact it has not already.

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